Trapped on the couch

11 o’clock in the morning

The babies cries startle me

I’m jumping I’m running

Get to the kitchen for a bottle

The baby cries “feed me now!”

There is no time, a baby surprise.

Now I got this sleepy look on my face

What have I gotten myself into?

How could I have been so stupid?

Not prepared in the morning?

Lost track of time

Had laundry on my mind

From the bedroom to the kitchen


Forgot I put my phone down

Here I am trying to quickly trying to heat the bottle

Before the wail starts

He opens his mouth

Please no it’s almost ready

He starts to scream

Calm down it’s almost ready!

I pick him up

The bottles almost ready!

Hurry up and feed me or your ears will really hear me!

I run to the kitchen

Baby in hand, I grab the bottle

Walk back to the couch

Man its comfy here.

Now the baby is eating

I’m all comfy on the couch

I hear a noise, its my phone

My phone, where is it?

I’m not sure but I can hear it.

I’m searching for it.

My phone where is it?

The bottle falls to the ground

The baby burps and enters sleeptown

My phone rings again, Where is it?

I try to move, the baby makes a  whimper

Just then I realize

It’s in the kitchen

I’m here on the couch

I move again, whimper

The phone makes another noise

I’m trapped on the couch…..

Trapped on the couch part one.



This is one part of life

In this part of life  I am taking care of my sisters 3 month old son, Tony. He is a gentleman even in his young age. Tomorrow we will begin our 2 week adventure. Plans include bubble wrap calendars,  bike clocks, baby yoga, and tummy time. Now lets see if any of this really happens.