What is going on

What is wrong with people. This guy is running in the bike lane, isn’t that what the sidewalk is for? Is being unprofessional so widely accepted these days that being professional causes you to fail? I feel like I’m failing every day. I guess that means I am not trying hard enough right? Disclaimer, this is kind of a rant-y blog today. Sorry, but this is life and its not always pretty and happy and fun. And the wins come with fails and yup, so this is where we are at today.

Here’s an example. I went to my group interview/orientation thing yesterday, and it was myself and 9 others. The people from the company are telling us what to expect and asking the usual questions and it comes to the about you questions. We went around the table, each taking a turn to sum up our experience and why we thought the position would be a good fit.  One girl called her past employers daughter a bitch and also said “You gotta get up off your ass to get shit done.”

Another woman left in the middle of the interview to fill the parking meter because they only offer 1 hour on the meters. Which is almost understandable, but I ride a bike and I know that there is a parking garage across the street for $4.00 you can park for the whole day. Again, I ride a bike and I know this, lets plan a little better here folks. It even said in the email to make sure you allowed enough time to find proper parking.

The really great part was when this chicks boob fell out. Just slipped out the side of her shirt, she stood there staring at it like she did not know what it was. I was vigorously pulling on my shirt to try and get her to take a hint. I was shocked, but she seemed more surprised than I did. What is this the MTV VMA’s? Are you Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl half time show? It is one way to make an impression.

I dressed professionally, had the answers to the questions thought out,  I did research about the company. I was offered a position along with Boob girl and Swear-y  Magee.

Don’t get me wrong I am very thankful and I think this could be a very cool opportunity.  How can you have your boob fall out at an interview and still be considered for the position? Lets be real, why are you wearing a shirt that had the possibility of this happening to A JOB INTERVIEW. And Swear-y Magee, seriously, calling your former bosses daughter a bitch? There are way classier ways of wording things.  How did these ladies get offered positions?

This is how I am making it work in the Bay Area, going to keep on being me, and being professional Mon-Fri, during business hours when I am at work or presenting myself. Going to try harder to be the better candidate. Going to move forward because that is all I can do.

But really I’m just like “Whattttt??


Monday remix

My boyfriend stayed home from work yesterday, car troubles. So today is like Monday again, and I am okay with that, I have two job interviews today. Sort of. I think this takes me up to numbers 7 and 8. Its cool, I’m networking my way around the bay. So one is at the Temp agency I am signed up at, and those people are cool, kind of. They tell us we have these jobs, and then they change a bunch of stuff.  I am unsure if this is an orientation like they old me, or an interview, like they emailed me.  I will find out in a couple of hours. The second interview is a Google Hangouts interview and that’s awesome because I can change into my sweatpants. I can wear a nice sweater and the people on the other end think I’m fancy. Those are the best kind of interviews.

Friday I am doing audio testing for $25/hr. It’s a gig I picked up in August 2015, this will be my 3rd time participating. The lady who runs it is super freaking cool, and I usually get to chat with her a bit after we wrap up. I am hoping to get some hook-ups thru her and snag a dope permanent gig. We will see. This is a week of discovery!

I am working on a new polo logo. Maybe we will call him Polo Pete.

He looks a bit frazzled

Polo ball man Stan is a possibility as well. I gotta cut out early today cuz interviews and its freaking -40 degrees in SJ today. Okay that is dramatic. It is 41 right now, but FEELS like -40. (I am a drama princess)

Gonna make tacos tonight. You should make tacos as well. #TacoTuesday. They are super easy to make, Here is how: You take about as much ground beef as you want, put it in a pan, add taco seasoning (don’t be stingy use A LOT) add some onions and peppers. Cook it all up till its done. While it is cooking you chop up some tomatoes and more onions, cilantro and lettuce. You get your taco shells and warm them up in the oven/broiler/toaster oven. When everything is done you make a taco.Add sour cream, hot sauce, jalapeno. Get wild and make turkey and stuffing tacos with cranberry sauce relish. Just make tacos.  I can do it-you can do it. Tacos.


T.R.Y. (Thanksgiving’s Really Yummie)

This post is not really all about Thanksgiving we already had one of those. I will however share with you the recipe we used for sweet potato and cauliflower salad. Its damn good! The sweet potatoes and cauliflower are roasted and warm. The dressing is light and has just the right amount of tart to it. Yup, we tried something new and it was delicious.

I have had my polo bike for just about a year now. Bike Polo is one of the best sports ever  and there was a time I was scared to try it because it was something new. Now you see in bike polo you have your bike (I have a single speed freewheel with a low gearing, a front v-break and ummm lets see a couple other things that make it great. This is how you can make your own.) and your mallet, and you ride around on a court in circles and try to make a goal. Lately I have seen it called “Hipster Hockey” sure, if you want to be that guy you can call it that.

This is my polo bike seconds after I bought it

I watched bike polo for the first time when I still lived in Rochester. I did not see it in person, I watched a video of it on youtube. Super intense, and I had no idea how these people were riding a bike with one hand, and holding onto a mallet, not falling over. There is that song about riding a bike with no handlebars, so if that is possible this was definitely achievable for me. I decided to go visit San Jose in April of 2015 for my birthday. I would hang with Missy and HOPEFULLY get to see this Bike Polo thing in real life.

Scratch that, things changed, shit happened and I was instead MOVING to San Jose in April 2015. There was no way I would NOT see Bike Polo in real life. The first day I went with Collin to the courts I was super nervous. Here I was in this brand new place, with some guy I hardly knew, and the only thing between me and the ground was a bike. We got to the polo courts and sat around doing Hood Rat Shit for about 2 hours before anything actually happened.

Hood Rat Selfies

Around 7 o’clock the sun was setting the lights came on, the polo players were showing up and the games were about to begin. It was nothing competitive, just a few guys showing up for some Friday night pick-up. Beers were shot-gunned, mallets were shuffled, I moved to the bench and watched polo in real life.

I knew then and there I needed to play, I just had to do a few things. One of those things was get way better at riding a bike. Bike polo requires a lot of balance and coordination, and most importantly you need to be able to ride a bike. You must be confident in the moves you make and make the bike your bitch. You need to know when to bail, and when to stick it out, and eventually you will whip the bike around like nobody’s business. I am not quite there yet.

This is my Polo bike now, I love it. Touch it, I kill you. Its like that. 

I spent the first 6 months of bike polo playing being scared of what might happen. Being scared of fucking up, being scared of falling and hurting myself or looking dumb. It was not until recently I stopped caring, and thats when it started actually being fun, and thats when I got better. I stopped caring about falling, because it was going to happen, that is why we have helmets and pads. I stopped caring about “looking dumb” because in the grand scheme of things we all look dumb. So I let loose and started playing without fear, and going for the ball more and doing the things I knew I could do. I just had to try. I just had to try something new. I did

And I love it! Just like you will love This salad, I hope. And if you don’t at least you tried it. (We used red wine vinegar instead of sherry vinegar, pretty sure its the same thing.) Like I did with bike polo, here are some links for Bike Polo sites, in case you want to know more about all that stuff.



I have this



11AM is when we woke up today. Well, we woke up around 9:30, yet stayed in bed till 11AM. That is a very late start to the day,  I am usually up at 5:30AM. Now, my alarm did go off at 5:10 like normal. If I told 26/27-year-old Megan that getting up at 5:10 was only a few years away she would have laughed.

I used to work the weekend overnight shift at WHEC-TV in Rochester, NY. Thats where I grew up. News 10 NBC was my all time favorite station, and when I graduated from MCC I applied for a job, and then 6 months later I applied again. Then I took a road trip with Missy and her friend Sham (A story for another time, well probably like 4 stories it was a wild trip) from Rochester to San Jose. While in San Jose I applied for the job again. I really wanted to work at WHEC-TV. I got back from San Jose and a few weeks later I got the call, they wanted me to come in for a job interview! Finally after almost a year of applying they decided to give me a chance.

It was snowing the day of my interview, I bundled up, got into my car and drove the mile from my house to the station and walked in. I was 20 minutes early, I come from a production background, if your early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late and if you’re late you are fired. So I was early, and I sat in the Lobby of the station, watching the weather channel 10-3, I was so nervous. I never really had any formal job interviews before. I just got calls asking when I could start, or turned in an application and got the job on the spot. This was a new experience for me.

Howard “Howie” as he told me to called him, came to greet me and take me back for my interview. I remember the station looking smaller, than I expected. I was so excited to just be inside, he took me through the newsroom, and back into the studio, and the tech ops area. We went to the “Annex” just a big garage, which apparently used to be the old studio? (Still unclear about that one) Where all the lives trucks lived. I saw the offices upstairs, and the “break room” we went back downstairs and I got to see the studio again. He took me into an office and we had a formal interview. It went well, he said he had a couple other people to interview and would let me know.

A week later Howie called me and offered me a job, Iw as to be “holiday vacation relief” my position would last 6-8 weeks and they had to opportunity to do the same thing again in the summer. I obviously accepted the jobs, and the following Wednesday I went to my first day of work at the news station. 9 months later they offered me a full-time job.

I worked Sunday and Monday 2pm-10pm, and the Friday and Saturday overnight, at first I hated it, but I grew to love those shifts. Harvey the security guard and I would eat candy and talk about the silly drunk people walking down East Ave.I did so many art projects and wrote letters and took online classes. I planned vacations and family holidays. I researched things, and tried to learn the video switcher so i could someday direct. It was a great job, I just worked 10pm-6am, and then would go home to try to sleep for as long as possible. I could never fall asleep till 8 am, and usually woke up by 11 or 12. Sometimes I would nap around 7pm, trying to catch up on my sleep. It never worked. Soon I accepted that weekends were for work, and if I wanted to do anything extra I had to suck it up and be sleepy. I did, there were a few weekends where I only got about 6 hours of sleep. Totally worth it though.

Sometimes I would pretend I was a reporter. 

And that’s the news.

Daily Prompt: Anticipation

Remember that 3 hour-long job interview I had last Wednesday? Well I got an email and today I am going to go back for a 2nd interview. I am very excited, and waiting in anticipation. (See what I did there?) That’s not what we are going to talk about though. Remember the email that got forwarded about “Her shorter terms at each recent job is of concern”? yeah we are going to talk about that and how you should never judge anybody by how long they worked in one position. It is a mistake I made when I was managing the pizza shop. I am much older and wiser now.

I came to California with 1 bag. I left my whole house behind and packed my most important things in a bag and hopped on a plane at 5 am to make the trip across the country.  Now why would I do that? Well my very best friend in the whole wide world Missy Brown was born with Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disease caused by a faulty gene. This gene controls the movement of salt and water in and out of your cells, so the lungs and digestive system become clogged with mucus, making it hard to breathe and digest food. There is that textbook definition for those of you who do not know what it is. Long story short I moved here to be her caregiver while she awaited to received a double lung transplant. Talk about anticipation. I was in the ICU waiting room overnight, the lungs we were promised that day did not make it to the hospital. Missy was asleep under the impression that when she woke up there would be lungs, new lungs inside of her. Allowing her to take the next breath. The TV was on playing crappy Jerry Springer, TMZ  or something. I did not really know I was working on making button wire Starbucks cup flowers. Missy could not have real flowers in the ICU, obviously. I mean double lung transplant, duh. I waited and I made flowers while I waited for her to wake up, and I wrote stories while I waited, and worked on the flowers and I took selfies.

These are the flowers I made

Collin made me a real good salad that I was munching on, mostly nervous eating at the time. Well while waiting in anticipation for the nurse to come get me to tell me when she woke up. I was devastated to have to be the one to tell her that the lungs did not make it. That we were once again back on the waiting list. That we had to keep waiting and be positive and know that somewhere there were lungs. It was going to be hard.

I didn’t have to do it. The nurse came out to me at 3:50 AM. “She woke up, I told her about the lungs, she cried.”

So I wrote a lot more about my anger towards the nurse, but it is unnecessary. I was mad, but there was nothing I could do. So I went to see Missy. We talked about the news, and the dogs and made fun of the boys. I showed her the flowers I was working on, and eventually she was sleepy and needed to rest so they made me leave.

The next 2.5 days were filled with anticipation, waiting for that call about another set of lungs. They can’t fail twice, the second time was bound to be the call. The one that would change everything forever.

Missy passed away July 5th 2015. We got the wrong call.

“Her shorter terms at each recent job is of concern”

The other two “jobs” are volunteer gigs I did, for the National Kidney Walk, and an Art Studio Open House. If you read my resume you would know that.

To learn more about CF


and this is Missy’s website, if you are interested to see that


via Daily Prompt: Anticipation

Thanksgiving Throwback

That up there is a picture of my third Thanksgiving. I did it 2 times before, boy it is fun hosting Thanksgiving. You get to get up early and start cooking. The house is warm, the smells, the parade, and the wine! This is the story of my first Thanksgiving and how great it went.

Except for the Pumpkin Pie. The first time I made pumpkin pie was a disaster. All because I am an impatient person. The very first Thanksgiving I hosted was back in 2012, I was 25 and had never stuck my hand inside a turkey before. I called my mother while doing so to tell her how disgusting it was.

“I gotta stick my hand INSIDE the thing?”


“I’m putting a glove on..no gloves I’m using a Wegmans bag.” (Wegmans is great the best grocery store in the whole entire country and probably world, I am sorry for people who do not have them. I don’t have one where I live now and it is very sad.)

It was as if I was carving a pumpkin. After four years I am still slightly grossed out by this part of preparing the turkey. After the hour that it took me to get the damn bird in the oven I moved on to the other parts of the meal, the parade came on while I got the apples, potatoes, and stuffing ready, I had corn and green beans and a sweet potato casserole ready to go. It was only 1Pm and I was doing good. The dog show was on at that point and I had called my mother only four more times after the turkey incident. It was time to get the pumpkin pie ready.

So im chugging along making this pie, i mixed cinnamon, salt, ginger and cloves , beat eggs, stirred in pumpkin and spice mixture. Added the evaporated milk.  I’m moving right along,  pour it into the pie crust. I realize there is enough for 2! Woah, that was unexpected. (Really impatient, like didn’t even ready the amount I was making just wanted to make the pie) I understand so much more about why refrigerated pie crusts come in 2 packs, not for a top and a bottom, specifically for people like me who make 2 pumpkin pies.


Did you notice that? I mixed everything but the sugar. A simple skimming over the directions, missed the sugar. I will tell you my excuses for this gross oversight.

•Pumpkin pie is not very sweet

•Whatever sugar needed came mixed with the canned pumpkin

•I forgot how to read the word sugar

•I drank a little wine that day

Those are my terrible excuses. The pies looked so good! They came out beautiful perfectly baked and the crust was light and flakey (my boyfriend would say “Just like you, Dear!”) I took a bite, my mom took a bite, my grandmother took a bite. Of course Grandma was the first to say something.

“This tastes horrible, what did you do to it?”

My dad saved the day, he took a bite looked at me and said he really liked it. My mother and grandmother looked at him like a crazy person. “It’s less sweet than most pumpkin pies, I enjoy that” He said

“How much sugar did you use?” my mother asked me.

Well the cat was out of the bag, my face said it all. “I did not know you needed to put sugar in it!” That was all I got out, my little brother started laughing first, then Mom, Dad and Grandma joined in.  I went back to the kitchen for more wine (we really needed it) and looked at the now empty can of canned pumpkin. There is was in plain sight. SUGAR. 2 CUPS OF SUGAR. Good thing we had other pies, and my Dad likes unsweetened pumpkin pie. Thanks Dad, you the best.

I still make pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. I now know that sugar is an ingredient. I use it, and my pumpkin pies taste much better now.

You can see my pie from last year in the back there. Looking good, hu? Yeah that’s PBR. Hood rat shit.

Here is the link to Libby’s famous Pumpkin Pie recipe. It’s the one I use, with sugar. You have to double it for the big can of pumpkin. It’s on the back of the canned pumpkin. Super easy. Just make sure to add sugar, unless you make it for my Dad. No sugar needed for that guy.




Discover Challenge: Mind the Gap

SF Saturday

Today we are going to SF. We have a guest visiting from NY so we are going to show him around. We did SJ yesterday, we took the Coyote Creek Trail, went to city hall, the polo courts, the friendship garden. We did some hood rat shit, went to bike party and ended the night with It’s-It. If you are ever in San Jose and want to do a bike tour of San Jose contact me. We have extra bikes, helmets and always want to ride bikes.

This is my bike waiting for me to get out of the job interview.

I am sure you want to know all about my interview from the other day. It was a “hands-on” interview. I have never had a hands-on interview before, and boy it was something brilliant! First it took 3 HOURS. 3  hours I was in the studio, helping kids draw and paint, greeting customers, cleaning up and organizing the store. I enjoyed my time there and am hoping that they hire me. I did work for them for 3 hours for free, I think that shows how interested I am. What a great idea! You schedule one less person, and then you can really see how the applicant works in the store setting. I am impressed with this tactic. I am definitely adding that to my books.  Still one has to think, if you did not get hired after a 3 hour long interview, there is something wrong with you.

Still haven’t heard back yet, so there must be something wrong with me.


Today my handsome boyfriend made breakfast. He is super fantastic at cooking, he made these great potatoes. I found the recipe, but he did all the work. They were damn good, we substituted some of the butter with bacon grease, NOM. Make them, do it, you wont be sorry.




This one time I lived in Boston for a few months. I did the nanny thing Monday-Friday. That was fun, baby yoga and making bottles, taking Tony bag o’ donuts out to see the world. Well Salem, but to a 4 month old its the world. That was only during the day, on the nights and weekends I was a Hawker for Boston Baseball Magazine.

How in the did I end up with that job?  I found it on Craigslist, read my post from Tuesday and learn more about that. Super easy, and it ended up being a great experience, where I met tons of characters.  So let me give you a quick rundown of how this works. You have Boston Baseball Magazine (BBM) and they are great. Then You have The Yawkey Way Report (YWR) they are not so great. Then you have Willy. I am calling him that because I don’t  know what his name was but he might have been a genius.

Now Willy here had worked for both BBM and YWR before, at least he made it seem that way. What Willy would do is buy the Dollar Programs from YWR, and sell them for $2 or $3, so he could undercut BBM yet make $$ on the YWR. The crazy thing is that this worked for him. People could buy the YWR from a YWR hawker for $1, but they would pay the $2, or $3 from Willy because he was there, now.

Most Hawkers stayed in one spot, but Willy was always moving around. He was a skinny man, always with the Red Sox hat on, he would walk through the crowd and wait till we were done with our pitch, then make his. “Programs $2! $2 Programs” When I met Willy we were at the end of Big Papi’s final season with the Sox. We had a 2 for $5 program deal, tonight’s programs AND special edition Big Papi retirement Program. It was still $5 to Willys $2. Now let’s be clear here I am not sure that what Willy was doing was entirely legal. I was just a Hawker, I did not run the business and don’t know the permits needed. Willy had the IDGAF attitude about that, always moving, getting to the fans and hiding from the Cops.  He was very friendly, and would tell me about what he was doing and how much money he made, and how he was a genius. Maybe he was. He sold those programs and made a couple bucks, didn’t have to cash out to anybody at the end of the night, and didn’t have to worry about keeping an inventory anywhere.  So thats the program hustle at Fenway, bet ya didnt know it was so intense.

Boston Baseball Magazine is still the best, and if you are ever at Fenway get one, and don’t get YWR cuz they stink….or get one it’s only $1, as long as you don’t get it from Willy.

Check out both them on Facebook and you decide. (But really BBM fo life!)




Job Interview #5

So today! Today is job interview day, the temp job is all over. Super going to miss those people, it was an experience for sure. Today I have a job interview at YOUNG ART. It is a drop in art studio in the mall here that does, well, art. This is a “hands on” interview. Which should be cool. I am going to ride my bike the 9.2 miles to the mall. Go in, change into interview clothes, freshen up and make some art!

So here is the funny thing, when the manager emailed me interview details, she accidentally forwarded the email from her boss to me.  Opps.

“Her shorter terms at each recent job is of concern, however, her attitude is excellent.

Ginhee Rancourt

Young Art Lessons & Gallery ”

That gave me a lot to think about. Obviously it was about me. Just silly little things. Helping me get through the day. So now for this ride, it is going to be a fun one!

Last night I made some Cilantro Lime Chicken to gear up for it.(see link below) Didn’t try the dressing from yesterday bc no Avocado. The chicken was pretty good, would do well on the grill. I baked it, and my boyfriend hated it. Oh well, try again next time. If you’re not failing you aren’t trying.

Wish me luck! Let’s RIDE.

Oh and here is the chicken recipe http://rasamalaysia.com/cilantro-lime-chicken/2/

The weekend.

Wanna make $100 in 30 minutes? I did this weekend, then I rode my bike.

Friday I was job hunting, I am a compulsive job hunter. Right now I am anyways, because I need a job. I came across this Ad on the craigslist:

-Funny gig for tomorrow (san jose downtown) hide this posting

compensation: Pays well

Hi I signed up to Tony robbins seminar at the SAP Center. It’s tomorrow Saturday and I observe the sabbath so here’s the issue. I can’t buy drinks and stuff on the sabbath so I need somebody who can do that for me and stay there for a while.
I will you pay well for this funny job-
I contacted the guy, got some money into my pay pal and all I had to do was buy him snacks at the seminar. I know, seems like it might be sketchy, well that’s why I got $$ up front, and checked the dude out. You gotta be smart about this stuff.  We follow each other on the IG now. Pretty sweet, $100 AND another IG follower.  What I am getting at is there are little gigs like this all over the place. CL is how I found my baseball program Hawking job when I lived in Boston, and one time  I answered an ad to pick dandelions for like $50. Simple easy stuff, people just don’t have time or don’t want to do. Or can’t, like the Rabbi on sabbath. SO check CL, you might find something cool, or easy, or both. It’s just part of the hustle.Oh yeah then I rode my bike all day Sunday, went into a castle on the East side and fought an evil tiki-head with some kids. My boyfriend became invincible and we got gummy hamburgers. I think the weekend was pretty damn good. And I made $100 doing nothing.
mmmm, mini burger. It made for a great snack. So No lunch needed today, only working a half day. But I found this recipe for avocado lime salad dressing I’m gonna try out tonight. I am going to replace the yogurt with sour cream. I’ll tell ya how it goes. I saved the reciepe on Pinrest. Check it all out.