Daily Prompt: Irksome

Irksome. That is what comes to mind when I think about all the interviews I have had over the past week and a half

I just got back to the bay area (San Jose, CA) and as things go I am job hunting. I had a very positive interview  my first day back. I thought it went well, the gentleman interviewing me said it went well. One week later I still have heard nothing. Obviously it did not go well.

I can tell you about my other 3 interviews. However I have to get ready to go to a temp job that I picked up for the week to supliment my income. You see it is expensive to live here. So having no job is not really an option. Ever.

Now why is this irksome?  Truth be told it is not, until you factor in my lazy as f*** roommate. Who has had no job for 2 months now, who goes surfing ever day, who cleans up his spills with HIS FOOT. Really this post should have been about that. That is the irksome thing.

Till next time.

via Daily Prompt: Irksome


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