Election Day

Well I might have lured you in with the title. This post is not ALL about election day. Mostly because I have only been up for 40 minutes, and will not be voting till after work tonight. The story I am going to tell you is about Theresa, a new friend I made at my temp job yesterday.

Theresa is a 20-something year old girl who is working the same temp job I am. She carries herself as a child. I rode up to the building looking for a bike rack (go figure they don’t have one. This is San Jose, I don’t understand how ANYWHERE can get away with no bike parking. Get on my level SJ) I lock up to a pole in front of the building and walk to the front door where a girl is waiting.

“Isn’t it funny how we are here and the boss isn’t even here?” I have just met Theresa.

You know the people who are over-sharers?  That is Theresa, if there is something about her you don’t know in the first 10 minutes that would be surprising.

Theresa proceeds to tell me about her life, how she NEEDS this job, and hopes the people are “totally chill” and do I think its going to be hard??  Then it dawns on her that I rode my bike to the job. And it begins, the questions, why do I ride a bike, how do I got to job interviews and what if I want to go “like far”  Finally after about 10 minutes somebody comes to let us in. I ask to use the bathroom to change, when I get back there is no more Theresa. I am slightly relieved.

“She must be on  different temp job” I think. My supervisor comes to greet me and show me the room I will be working in. NOPE. There is Theresa, sitting at a desk smiling wide at me.

Now I don’t have time to tell you all the wonderful, hilarious things that happened. So here are 3 things that stuck out most to me. I only have so much time before I have to get ready to go to work. With Theresa.

-Introduces both of us to every single person that walks in

“I’m Theresa! This is Megan, SHE RODE HER BIKE HERE!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?”  After the oh 4th time this got very old. At one point she says  “You are LIKE SO lucky you can ride a bike” (actually yes I am, I love my bike)

-Theresa is working the election polls tomorrow and wants to make sure we all know she will not be at work for the whole day. It is very important we all understand she will only be there for some of the day. She tells us every hour on the hour

-After lunch doing my work and I hear “OHHHHHHH, OHHHH, SOO FULL” You know when you can tell somebody it looking at you. Yup. I look up and there she is staring right at me, with HER SHIRT UP SHOWING HER STOMACH.                                                                       ” I ate so much Megan! I am so full my clothes are tight!!”                                                                “Theresa, you should put your shirt down” (Who knew 1st day and I’m already acting supervisor) This is not okay, we are in an office. We are professional. Aren’t we?

Where am I, how did I get here, what the heck is this?

This is San Jose, CA.



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