Daily Prompt: Vegetal

Well here we are again.  As the week goes on this job becomes more wonderful, and the people such characters. So I only have a few to tell you about Victoria, my other co-worker.

We sit both eating salads at the lunch table.

“Oh look at us,so sad with our boring salads.” Victoria sighs, “So bland, nothing exciting. I have a taquito in my bag for after this crap.”

I freaking love salads, Victoria. Don’t try to tell me this is boring. The vegetal aroma when chopping  for my salad makes me hungry. The rainbow of vegetable colors is like candy to my eyes. The salad doesn’t need any ranch dressing or anything crazy, vegetables are great. Not boring, robust and flavorful.

“Oh I brought carrots for my snack” I reply. (I love vegetables)

“When I was in Ecuador, we had a lot of salad. We could only take like 10 minute long showers because there was no hot water.”  Victoria, where ya going here hun?

“Sounds like the bay area.” I conserve water,  two-minute shower limits and buckets in the bathroom. We had to drain the water heater the other day, I tried to save the water. That serious.

“No, here I can take a shower for as long as I want”

Maybe it is because I moved to SJ during the drought, or I am from NY so I am just a crazy person. I don’t agree Victoria. Instead of getting into it I grabbed my boring salad and carrots, got up and left. Mic Drop.

For an example of a great vegetable dish here is the recipe for my salad from yesterday

Green leaf lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, salt pepper, oil, vinegar (to taste) . Mix it toghether and eat it. BAM.

via Daily Prompt: Vegetal


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