It is Friday, so this is gonna be a short one. I have been working on making this blog legit. Widgets and sidebars. All of the things.

Fridays are for hood rat shit. What is hood rat shit? Well I will explain it to you

Hood Rat Shit- Riding our bikes, drinking beers and peeing in public; it’s basically not giving a damn what the rest of the world thinks about you.  You go about every situation like you know what you’re doing and you own it. But you know, we’re still nice to people and respectable…I mean, we don’t curse and spit on old ladies…for no reason.

And that my friends is hood rat shit. I am going to work my 8-5 now and make some money to support my lifestyle. Livin in Cali ain’t all about fancy cars and sunshine. The sun goes down and in some places the street lights don’t work. It can get grimy. Thats when the adventure starts.

Oh by the way, my salad recipe for today.

-Red leaf lettuce, Tomato, Celery, Broccoli, Red Onion, and a little parmesan cheese (getting wild on it) oil and vinegar, salt and pepper to taste.

BAM! Easy and healthy, should help me put away all those PBRs later.

Till next time.


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