Daily Prompt: Fish

Welcome back from the weekend. I’m sad to see it go, it was a pretty good one. Well lets talk about fish.

When I lived in Rochester,NY I was a big fish in a little pond. Really, nothing against Rochester. I was born and raised there. It was a very great place to grow up. However I got everything I wanted in life by age 26. Not a bad thing, I just felt like a big fish in a small pond. I knew there was more out there. I wanted more and I knew that Rochester could not and would not provide it for me.

So I was presented with an opportunity and I took it. I moved 3,000 miles away from my family and all but 3 of my friends. I moved to San Jose, CA and the minute I stepped off the airplane I knew I was no longer the big fish.  I did it, I played the small fish for almost a whole year before I got overwhelmed and scared and ran home.

For 2 months I had the big fish feeling again. It was great at first. Within 2 weeks I was already back at the top. Doing better than half the people I knew. I f****** hated it. I knew that I was getting bored,  I was missing so much of life. So I packed my bags and I left. Back to SJ, where I got my old job back and started life again. And this time I only made it 3 months before I got scared. So all over again, I ran back to the small pond. (I’m not kidding when I say I make rash decisions) I knew it was not where I wanted to be, but I needed to do this differently. I needed to take steps, not cannonball into the deep end. So one more time I was going to start over. I made A LOT of people mad, some were happy, and some where not even surprised. But mostly I made them mad. The important ones anyways.

So I went to Rochester, saw the folks and high tailed it to Boston, MA. Where I became nanny to little Tony. Then I became the small fish, hanging with a smaller fish, in a real big pond.

This is all we got time for. Sorry Kids.

Be the small fish, you learn a lot more.

No salad today. Kabob leftovers!!!img_1929

(that’s before they were cooked) Chicken, red and green peppers, red onion and pineapple.

We made a garlic, lime, apple cider vinegar and EVOO marinade and threw them on the grill. Helllllll yeah.

via Daily Prompt: Fish


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