The weekend.

Wanna make $100 in 30 minutes? I did this weekend, then I rode my bike.

Friday I was job hunting, I am a compulsive job hunter. Right now I am anyways, because I need a job. I came across this Ad on the craigslist:

-Funny gig for tomorrow (san jose downtown) hide this posting

compensation: Pays well

Hi I signed up to Tony robbins seminar at the SAP Center. It’s tomorrow Saturday and I observe the sabbath so here’s the issue. I can’t buy drinks and stuff on the sabbath so I need somebody who can do that for me and stay there for a while.
I will you pay well for this funny job-
I contacted the guy, got some money into my pay pal and all I had to do was buy him snacks at the seminar. I know, seems like it might be sketchy, well that’s why I got $$ up front, and checked the dude out. You gotta be smart about this stuff.  We follow each other on the IG now. Pretty sweet, $100 AND another IG follower.  What I am getting at is there are little gigs like this all over the place. CL is how I found my baseball program Hawking job when I lived in Boston, and one time  I answered an ad to pick dandelions for like $50. Simple easy stuff, people just don’t have time or don’t want to do. Or can’t, like the Rabbi on sabbath. SO check CL, you might find something cool, or easy, or both. It’s just part of the hustle.Oh yeah then I rode my bike all day Sunday, went into a castle on the East side and fought an evil tiki-head with some kids. My boyfriend became invincible and we got gummy hamburgers. I think the weekend was pretty damn good. And I made $100 doing nothing.
mmmm, mini burger. It made for a great snack. So No lunch needed today, only working a half day. But I found this recipe for avocado lime salad dressing I’m gonna try out tonight. I am going to replace the yogurt with sour cream. I’ll tell ya how it goes. I saved the reciepe on Pinrest. Check it all out. 

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