Job Interview #5

So today! Today is job interview day, the temp job is all over. Super going to miss those people, it was an experience for sure. Today I have a job interview at YOUNG ART. It is a drop in art studio in the mall here that does, well, art. This is a “hands on” interview. Which should be cool. I am going to ride my bike the 9.2 miles to the mall. Go in, change into interview clothes, freshen up and make some art!

So here is the funny thing, when the manager emailed me interview details, she accidentally forwarded the email from her boss to me.  Opps.

“Her shorter terms at each recent job is of concern, however, her attitude is excellent.

Ginhee Rancourt

Young Art Lessons & Gallery ”

That gave me a lot to think about. Obviously it was about me. Just silly little things. Helping me get through the day. So now for this ride, it is going to be a fun one!

Last night I made some Cilantro Lime Chicken to gear up for it.(see link below) Didn’t try the dressing from yesterday bc no Avocado. The chicken was pretty good, would do well on the grill. I baked it, and my boyfriend hated it. Oh well, try again next time. If you’re not failing you aren’t trying.

Wish me luck! Let’s RIDE.

Oh and here is the chicken recipe


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