This one time I lived in Boston for a few months. I did the nanny thing Monday-Friday. That was fun, baby yoga and making bottles, taking Tony bag o’ donuts out to see the world. Well Salem, but to a 4 month old its the world. That was only during the day, on the nights and weekends I was a Hawker for Boston Baseball Magazine.

How in the did I end up with that job?  I found it on Craigslist, read my post from Tuesday and learn more about that. Super easy, and it ended up being a great experience, where I met tons of characters.  So let me give you a quick rundown of how this works. You have Boston Baseball Magazine (BBM) and they are great. Then You have The Yawkey Way Report (YWR) they are not so great. Then you have Willy. I am calling him that because I don’t  know what his name was but he might have been a genius.

Now Willy here had worked for both BBM and YWR before, at least he made it seem that way. What Willy would do is buy the Dollar Programs from YWR, and sell them for $2 or $3, so he could undercut BBM yet make $$ on the YWR. The crazy thing is that this worked for him. People could buy the YWR from a YWR hawker for $1, but they would pay the $2, or $3 from Willy because he was there, now.

Most Hawkers stayed in one spot, but Willy was always moving around. He was a skinny man, always with the Red Sox hat on, he would walk through the crowd and wait till we were done with our pitch, then make his. “Programs $2! $2 Programs” When I met Willy we were at the end of Big Papi’s final season with the Sox. We had a 2 for $5 program deal, tonight’s programs AND special edition Big Papi retirement Program. It was still $5 to Willys $2. Now let’s be clear here I am not sure that what Willy was doing was entirely legal. I was just a Hawker, I did not run the business and don’t know the permits needed. Willy had the IDGAF attitude about that, always moving, getting to the fans and hiding from the Cops.  He was very friendly, and would tell me about what he was doing and how much money he made, and how he was a genius. Maybe he was. He sold those programs and made a couple bucks, didn’t have to cash out to anybody at the end of the night, and didn’t have to worry about keeping an inventory anywhere.  So thats the program hustle at Fenway, bet ya didnt know it was so intense.

Boston Baseball Magazine is still the best, and if you are ever at Fenway get one, and don’t get YWR cuz they stink….or get one it’s only $1, as long as you don’t get it from Willy.

Check out both them on Facebook and you decide. (But really BBM fo life!)





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