SF Saturday

Today we are going to SF. We have a guest visiting from NY so we are going to show him around. We did SJ yesterday, we took the Coyote Creek Trail, went to city hall, the polo courts, the friendship garden. We did some hood rat shit, went to bike party and ended the night with It’s-It. If you are ever in San Jose and want to do a bike tour of San Jose contact me. We have extra bikes, helmets and always want to ride bikes.

This is my bike waiting for me to get out of the job interview.

I am sure you want to know all about my interview from the other day. It was a “hands-on” interview. I have never had a hands-on interview before, and boy it was something brilliant! First it took 3 HOURS. 3  hours I was in the studio, helping kids draw and paint, greeting customers, cleaning up and organizing the store. I enjoyed my time there and am hoping that they hire me. I did work for them for 3 hours for free, I think that shows how interested I am. What a great idea! You schedule one less person, and then you can really see how the applicant works in the store setting. I am impressed with this tactic. I am definitely adding that to my books.  Still one has to think, if you did not get hired after a 3 hour long interview, there is something wrong with you.

Still haven’t heard back yet, so there must be something wrong with me.


Today my handsome boyfriend made breakfast. He is super fantastic at cooking, he made these great potatoes. I found the recipe, but he did all the work. They were damn good, we substituted some of the butter with bacon grease, NOM. Make them, do it, you wont be sorry.




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