Thanksgiving Throwback

That up there is a picture of my third Thanksgiving. I did it 2 times before, boy it is fun hosting Thanksgiving. You get to get up early and start cooking. The house is warm, the smells, the parade, and the wine! This is the story of my first Thanksgiving and how great it went.

Except for the Pumpkin Pie. The first time I made pumpkin pie was a disaster. All because I am an impatient person. The very first Thanksgiving I hosted was back in 2012, I was 25 and had never stuck my hand inside a turkey before. I called my mother while doing so to tell her how disgusting it was.

“I gotta stick my hand INSIDE the thing?”


“I’m putting a glove gloves I’m using a Wegmans bag.” (Wegmans is great the best grocery store in the whole entire country and probably world, I am sorry for people who do not have them. I don’t have one where I live now and it is very sad.)

It was as if I was carving a pumpkin. After four years I am still slightly grossed out by this part of preparing the turkey. After the hour that it took me to get the damn bird in the oven I moved on to the other parts of the meal, the parade came on while I got the apples, potatoes, and stuffing ready, I had corn and green beans and a sweet potato casserole ready to go. It was only 1Pm and I was doing good. The dog show was on at that point and I had called my mother only four more times after the turkey incident. It was time to get the pumpkin pie ready.

So im chugging along making this pie, i mixed cinnamon, salt, ginger and cloves , beat eggs, stirred in pumpkin and spice mixture. Added the evaporated milk.  I’m moving right along,  pour it into the pie crust. I realize there is enough for 2! Woah, that was unexpected. (Really impatient, like didn’t even ready the amount I was making just wanted to make the pie) I understand so much more about why refrigerated pie crusts come in 2 packs, not for a top and a bottom, specifically for people like me who make 2 pumpkin pies.


Did you notice that? I mixed everything but the sugar. A simple skimming over the directions, missed the sugar. I will tell you my excuses for this gross oversight.

•Pumpkin pie is not very sweet

•Whatever sugar needed came mixed with the canned pumpkin

•I forgot how to read the word sugar

•I drank a little wine that day

Those are my terrible excuses. The pies looked so good! They came out beautiful perfectly baked and the crust was light and flakey (my boyfriend would say “Just like you, Dear!”) I took a bite, my mom took a bite, my grandmother took a bite. Of course Grandma was the first to say something.

“This tastes horrible, what did you do to it?”

My dad saved the day, he took a bite looked at me and said he really liked it. My mother and grandmother looked at him like a crazy person. “It’s less sweet than most pumpkin pies, I enjoy that” He said

“How much sugar did you use?” my mother asked me.

Well the cat was out of the bag, my face said it all. “I did not know you needed to put sugar in it!” That was all I got out, my little brother started laughing first, then Mom, Dad and Grandma joined in.  I went back to the kitchen for more wine (we really needed it) and looked at the now empty can of canned pumpkin. There is was in plain sight. SUGAR. 2 CUPS OF SUGAR. Good thing we had other pies, and my Dad likes unsweetened pumpkin pie. Thanks Dad, you the best.

I still make pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. I now know that sugar is an ingredient. I use it, and my pumpkin pies taste much better now.

You can see my pie from last year in the back there. Looking good, hu? Yeah that’s PBR. Hood rat shit.

Here is the link to Libby’s famous Pumpkin Pie recipe. It’s the one I use, with sugar. You have to double it for the big can of pumpkin. It’s on the back of the canned pumpkin. Super easy. Just make sure to add sugar, unless you make it for my Dad. No sugar needed for that guy.



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