11AM is when we woke up today. Well, we woke up around 9:30, yet stayed in bed till 11AM. That is a very late start to the day,  I am usually up at 5:30AM. Now, my alarm did go off at 5:10 like normal. If I told 26/27-year-old Megan that getting up at 5:10 was only a few years away she would have laughed.

I used to work the weekend overnight shift at WHEC-TV in Rochester, NY. Thats where I grew up. News 10 NBC was my all time favorite station, and when I graduated from MCC I applied for a job, and then 6 months later I applied again. Then I took a road trip with Missy and her friend Sham (A story for another time, well probably like 4 stories it was a wild trip) from Rochester to San Jose. While in San Jose I applied for the job again. I really wanted to work at WHEC-TV. I got back from San Jose and a few weeks later I got the call, they wanted me to come in for a job interview! Finally after almost a year of applying they decided to give me a chance.

It was snowing the day of my interview, I bundled up, got into my car and drove the mile from my house to the station and walked in. I was 20 minutes early, I come from a production background, if your early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late and if you’re late you are fired. So I was early, and I sat in the Lobby of the station, watching the weather channel 10-3, I was so nervous. I never really had any formal job interviews before. I just got calls asking when I could start, or turned in an application and got the job on the spot. This was a new experience for me.

Howard “Howie” as he told me to called him, came to greet me and take me back for my interview. I remember the station looking smaller, than I expected. I was so excited to just be inside, he took me through the newsroom, and back into the studio, and the tech ops area. We went to the “Annex” just a big garage, which apparently used to be the old studio? (Still unclear about that one) Where all the lives trucks lived. I saw the offices upstairs, and the “break room” we went back downstairs and I got to see the studio again. He took me into an office and we had a formal interview. It went well, he said he had a couple other people to interview and would let me know.

A week later Howie called me and offered me a job, Iw as to be “holiday vacation relief” my position would last 6-8 weeks and they had to opportunity to do the same thing again in the summer. I obviously accepted the jobs, and the following Wednesday I went to my first day of work at the news station. 9 months later they offered me a full-time job.

I worked Sunday and Monday 2pm-10pm, and the Friday and Saturday overnight, at first I hated it, but I grew to love those shifts. Harvey the security guard and I would eat candy and talk about the silly drunk people walking down East Ave.I did so many art projects and wrote letters and took online classes. I planned vacations and family holidays. I researched things, and tried to learn the video switcher so i could someday direct. It was a great job, I just worked 10pm-6am, and then would go home to try to sleep for as long as possible. I could never fall asleep till 8 am, and usually woke up by 11 or 12. Sometimes I would nap around 7pm, trying to catch up on my sleep. It never worked. Soon I accepted that weekends were for work, and if I wanted to do anything extra I had to suck it up and be sleepy. I did, there were a few weekends where I only got about 6 hours of sleep. Totally worth it though.

Sometimes I would pretend I was a reporter. 

And that’s the news.


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