T.R.Y. (Thanksgiving’s Really Yummie)

This post is not really all about Thanksgiving we already had one of those. I will however share with you the recipe we used for sweet potato and cauliflower salad. Its damn good! The sweet potatoes and cauliflower are roasted and warm. The dressing is light and has just the right amount of tart to it. Yup, we tried something new and it was delicious.

I have had my polo bike for just about a year now. Bike Polo is one of the best sports ever  and there was a time I was scared to try it because it was something new. Now you see in bike polo you have your bike (I have a single speed freewheel with a low gearing, a front v-break and ummm lets see a couple other things that make it great. This is how you can make your own.) and your mallet, and you ride around on a court in circles and try to make a goal. Lately I have seen it called “Hipster Hockey” sure, if you want to be that guy you can call it that.

This is my polo bike seconds after I bought it

I watched bike polo for the first time when I still lived in Rochester. I did not see it in person, I watched a video of it on youtube. Super intense, and I had no idea how these people were riding a bike with one hand, and holding onto a mallet, not falling over. There is that song about riding a bike with no handlebars, so if that is possible this was definitely achievable for me. I decided to go visit San Jose in April of 2015 for my birthday. I would hang with Missy and HOPEFULLY get to see this Bike Polo thing in real life.

Scratch that, things changed, shit happened and I was instead MOVING to San Jose in April 2015. There was no way I would NOT see Bike Polo in real life. The first day I went with Collin to the courts I was super nervous. Here I was in this brand new place, with some guy I hardly knew, and the only thing between me and the ground was a bike. We got to the polo courts and sat around doing Hood Rat Shit for about 2 hours before anything actually happened.

Hood Rat Selfies

Around 7 o’clock the sun was setting the lights came on, the polo players were showing up and the games were about to begin. It was nothing competitive, just a few guys showing up for some Friday night pick-up. Beers were shot-gunned, mallets were shuffled, I moved to the bench and watched polo in real life.

I knew then and there I needed to play, I just had to do a few things. One of those things was get way better at riding a bike. Bike polo requires a lot of balance and coordination, and most importantly you need to be able to ride a bike. You must be confident in the moves you make and make the bike your bitch. You need to know when to bail, and when to stick it out, and eventually you will whip the bike around like nobody’s business. I am not quite there yet.

This is my Polo bike now, I love it. Touch it, I kill you. Its like that. 

I spent the first 6 months of bike polo playing being scared of what might happen. Being scared of fucking up, being scared of falling and hurting myself or looking dumb. It was not until recently I stopped caring, and thats when it started actually being fun, and thats when I got better. I stopped caring about falling, because it was going to happen, that is why we have helmets and pads. I stopped caring about “looking dumb” because in the grand scheme of things we all look dumb. So I let loose and started playing without fear, and going for the ball more and doing the things I knew I could do. I just had to try. I just had to try something new. I did

And I love it! Just like you will love This salad, I hope. And if you don’t at least you tried it. (We used red wine vinegar instead of sherry vinegar, pretty sure its the same thing.) Like I did with bike polo, here are some links for Bike Polo sites, in case you want to know more about all that stuff.



I have this



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