Monday remix

My boyfriend stayed home from work yesterday, car troubles. So today is like Monday again, and I am okay with that, I have two job interviews today. Sort of. I think this takes me up to numbers 7 and 8. Its cool, I’m networking my way around the bay. So one is at the Temp agency I am signed up at, and those people are cool, kind of. They tell us we have these jobs, and then they change a bunch of stuff.  I am unsure if this is an orientation like they old me, or an interview, like they emailed me.  I will find out in a couple of hours. The second interview is a Google Hangouts interview and that’s awesome because I can change into my sweatpants. I can wear a nice sweater and the people on the other end think I’m fancy. Those are the best kind of interviews.

Friday I am doing audio testing for $25/hr. It’s a gig I picked up in August 2015, this will be my 3rd time participating. The lady who runs it is super freaking cool, and I usually get to chat with her a bit after we wrap up. I am hoping to get some hook-ups thru her and snag a dope permanent gig. We will see. This is a week of discovery!

I am working on a new polo logo. Maybe we will call him Polo Pete.

He looks a bit frazzled

Polo ball man Stan is a possibility as well. I gotta cut out early today cuz interviews and its freaking -40 degrees in SJ today. Okay that is dramatic. It is 41 right now, but FEELS like -40. (I am a drama princess)

Gonna make tacos tonight. You should make tacos as well. #TacoTuesday. They are super easy to make, Here is how: You take about as much ground beef as you want, put it in a pan, add taco seasoning (don’t be stingy use A LOT) add some onions and peppers. Cook it all up till its done. While it is cooking you chop up some tomatoes and more onions, cilantro and lettuce. You get your taco shells and warm them up in the oven/broiler/toaster oven. When everything is done you make a taco.Add sour cream, hot sauce, jalapeno. Get wild and make turkey and stuffing tacos with cranberry sauce relish. Just make tacos.  I can do it-you can do it. Tacos.



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