What is going on

What is wrong with people. This guy is running in the bike lane, isn’t that what the sidewalk is for? Is being unprofessional so widely accepted these days that being professional causes you to fail? I feel like I’m failing every day. I guess that means I am not trying hard enough right? Disclaimer, this is kind of a rant-y blog today. Sorry, but this is life and its not always pretty and happy and fun. And the wins come with fails and yup, so this is where we are at today.

Here’s an example. I went to my group interview/orientation thing yesterday, and it was myself and 9 others. The people from the company are telling us what to expect and asking the usual questions and it comes to the about you questions. We went around the table, each taking a turn to sum up our experience and why we thought the position would be a good fit.  One girl called her past employers daughter a bitch and also said “You gotta get up off your ass to get shit done.”

Another woman left in the middle of the interview to fill the parking meter because they only offer 1 hour on the meters. Which is almost understandable, but I ride a bike and I know that there is a parking garage across the street for $4.00 you can park for the whole day. Again, I ride a bike and I know this, lets plan a little better here folks. It even said in the email to make sure you allowed enough time to find proper parking.

The really great part was when this chicks boob fell out. Just slipped out the side of her shirt, she stood there staring at it like she did not know what it was. I was vigorously pulling on my shirt to try and get her to take a hint. I was shocked, but she seemed more surprised than I did. What is this the MTV VMA’s? Are you Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl half time show? It is one way to make an impression.

I dressed professionally, had the answers to the questions thought out,  I did research about the company. I was offered a position along with Boob girl and Swear-y  Magee.

Don’t get me wrong I am very thankful and I think this could be a very cool opportunity.  How can you have your boob fall out at an interview and still be considered for the position? Lets be real, why are you wearing a shirt that had the possibility of this happening to A JOB INTERVIEW. And Swear-y Magee, seriously, calling your former bosses daughter a bitch? There are way classier ways of wording things.  How did these ladies get offered positions?

This is how I am making it work in the Bay Area, going to keep on being me, and being professional Mon-Fri, during business hours when I am at work or presenting myself. Going to try harder to be the better candidate. Going to move forward because that is all I can do.

But really I’m just like “Whattttt??


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