“5:22 from Diridon puts you at Millibrae at 6:09” It was 4:42. (16:42)

Diridon is 6.3 miles from home, google claims that it takes 37 minutes to get there. I did it in about 27. Not too bad, I was kind of hauling ass.

I got the text to meet my boyfriend a little ways up the peninsula so we could pick up some electronics left at a hotel for him, then we could go out to dinner and drinks. That is a nice change of pace. I was planning on cooking chicken, I spent my day cleaning and doing laundry, I had a phone interview for a job (still doing the Temp thing, but it’s temp so..) I organized some files and found an old picture I made.

Laser pigs by Megan

But at 4:42 (16:42) my whole day changed . It went from being totally planned, a time for everything and a nice easy pace to a race against time and Google. I had 40 minutes till the train left Diridon, I had to pack my bag, and hop in the shower grab my lights and leave by 4:52.(16:52)

  • 16:43-I run into the bathroom and hit the shower.
  • 16:46-Out of the shower madly drying off-gotta leave in 6 minutes
  • 16:49-I grab the Caltrain pass from the frisbee,throw my makeup in my backpack and start to walk towards the door
  • 16:50 I put my phone in my bag.

At this point I am not really sure of time anymore. I still had to Put the lights on and walk out the door, I am not sure if this took me 2 minutes or not. I can only assume that I left at 16:52.

As I rode nothing mattered but getting to the station in time, when the lights turned yellow I sped up to make sure I got thru in time.  When I got stuck at the red light at Senter and Story I checked my phone.

5:06 (17:06), I had 16 minutes to make it the rest of the way to the station. 2.9 miles away, Google says it takes 20 minutes on bike and I had about 15. Cal-train leaves the station at 5:22(17:22), so you have to be there by 5:21 (17:21) to make sure you hit the platform and get on the train in time.  I don’t remember much of the rest of my ride to Diridon. I just remember pedaling as hard as I could.

I rode into Diridon at 5:19 (17:19). I hopped off my bike (you can’t ride through the station on a bike) and ran down the ramp and up the ramp to platform 4 where the 17:22 was, the conductor was outside

“Is this the 5:22?!” I yelled. I knew it was but, I had to make sure. He nodded and I grabbed my bike and hopped into the bike car.

I strapped up my bike, sat down and got out my phone. It said 17:22, the trains whistle sounded and the doors closed. I made the 17:22. It is not a record time, I am not some crazy fast cyclist. It did make me feel good, I felt accomplished, and excited.  I got to ride my bike, I got where I wanted to go in the time I wanted to get there, and I beat Google.

Caltrain has outlets, its pretty damn cool.

I’ve been baking…

I have been baking, these things happen. When I was younger I had some sort of catch phrase with a group of my girlfriends. It went something like “I’ve been drinking, these things happen.”  I would just say it, it was a funny excuse,  I would even say it when I wasn’t drinking. Well now it has evolved into “I’ve been baking, these things happen.”

The joys of being  29, such a grown up.  I have made so much food in the past two days it has been..filling.  I do not have a mixer, so all of the mixing is done by hand. Good old-fashioned man power. Well woman power, let’s not get into that argument. You all know what I mean.

Creaming things

Last night I made almond cookies, hungarian kiefele cookies, and chicken wing dip. Today I got up and made a cherry pie.

Something about baking during the holidays makes everything better. I think it’s the warm kitchen. Anyways, the thing about the holidays is it is a time to share with family and the ones you love and all that right. Well when you 3,000 miles away from those people you spend time with your phone.

Facetime is the best thing ever on holidays. Except you can’t give Mom a slice of pie through a phone. However, this is how we get thru the holidays, with lots of treats, facetime, and texting. It works, it’s different, but it works. In the end knowing that your family and friends support, love and care about you is all you need. Putting up with long distance holidays is proof.

I made a cherry pie today as mentioned. It looks like this,

Cherry Almond pie

and was easy to make, cherry pie filling pre-made pie crust and some egg wash with almond extract and almonds sprinkled on top. I baked it for 40 minutes at 425. We will find out how it tastes after lunch/dinner. Happy Holidays!


Short day

Those are not shorts, they are sweatpants over jeans because it is that cold today. Remember how in grade school, and high school Wednesdays were short days. You used to get out about 45 minutes-1 hour earlier than the rest of the week. Well in the adult world that is what the Winter Solstice is like. It is a short day, but you don’t get to go home from work early. You just have less time to get things done, it gets dark super quick, it is the shortest day of the year.

I am having a hard time believing that, I feel like the days have been getting longer. Apparently not, maybe I am getting better at shooting out of work as fast as I can. Today on this shortest day of the year I am #blessed with the day off. So I have taken it as a challenge. I am going to see how much I can get done before sunset. Sunset is at 16:54  (4:54 for you basic clock people)  I got up at 5:30 today. It is currently 8:59. So what have I done?

I checked my email, filled out an application, found a recipe for pork chop dinner, did my banking for the week, tried to get a copy of this W-2 from NYS(that’s a hassle, don’t even bother if you work somewhere and it has shut down, just don’t put it on a background check. Thanks a lot NYS for making things easy, NOT.) I organized my receipts and made the bed. It doesn’t seem like a ton, but I still have 7 hours. Give or take, well only take.  What ELSE is on the list?

Dollar Tree, Safeway, clean the house, clean myself,

Tiny Donuts

work on tiny donuts,(to the right) work on video, work on design for polo related items. Cook dinner, and possibly some cookies. So that is a useless overview of my day. Check it out I’m going to make pork chops like this. I’ll let you know how this all works out.

Shortest day of the year challenge 2016!


I drove to work today, and yeah it was 32 when I left. Also it took me the same amount of time to get home from work as it did when I ride my bike. I will say no more about that. I will tell you  about my fantastic experience at the post office, and my awesome peanut butter cookies.

I had an hour lunch today, so I decided to go to the post office. I know, busiest day of the year, new job, lunch break. I live life on the edge so I took my chances, it’s only 5 minutes from my work. What could go wrong?

I missed the entrance and had to turn around. It only added two minutes to the trip. Still, C’mon Megan, slow it down. I got to the door of the post office and the line was there. Oh.

Good news, I had my package ready to go, so I grabbed a label and got into line while I filled it out. A lady came in behind me with her small pug dog. Apparently dogs are allowed in the post office. Thats fun. About 10 minutes later the line had moved 3 people, there was no way that I would make it in time, I was planning my escape. Just then something happened. Maybe it was a Christmas miracle!!!

Nope, it was something called efficiency. A USPS employee came up to me and asked “Is your package ready to go?” Yes I replied “You paying with a card?” Sure am.(I sure was) “Come on down!!!!”

Okay, he was not that excited, but I was. It was like I won the post office. I was the lucky person who got to go in front of all those other people because I was prepared and the post office was prepared on this, the busiest postal day of the year.

I finished my transaction and was out of there by 12:30, back to work by 12:40. Where I had some lunch. For lun-sert (lunch dessert) I enjoyed some peanut butter cookies I made.

Cookies for the win.


3 ingredient PB cookies for the win.  1 cup of peanut butter, 1 cup of sugar and 1 large egg. Mix all that together, put in the oven at 350 for about 8 minutes. So easy, so good, so worth it.


Bike Party-Holiday edition

Last night was bike party. It was cold, it was windy, it was fantastic. It was so cold that some people drove their cars, which defeats the purpose of bike party. I wont get into that, lets talk about cold weather biking and cookies instead.  When you bike in the cold you have to wear lots of layers. It is like sledding, being from New York I understand this and was well prepared. I had a tank top, a long-sleeved shirt, my riding jacket, and a sweater on to start. leggings and shorts as well, but the bottom is pretty standard. I had one pair of gloves, and a half pair over that. By the end of the night I had added a sweatshirt, another pair of gloves,a hat and a scarf to my ensemble. I looked fantastic. By the time we got home I was a bit chilly. We turned the heat on (but wait don’t you live in California? Why yes I do.) and did the bike party wind down. Which means ate a ton of food and had a nightcap.

I am bad at taking pictures for the blog when I am doing bike related things. I really do apologize for this.

Snickerdoodle cookies for bike party

I have made 4 different types of cookies in the past two days. I would have made them all yesterday but a terrible thing happened. The store was out of Anise. “How in the world does this happen?” I said in the store. Yesterday I made snickerdoodles and brownie cookies. (Snickerdoodles pictured above) Now I followed this recipe for my snicker doodles. EXCEPT. I added something to jazz it up. I put cinnamon in the dough. How much? I am not sure, probably about 1/2 a tablespoon. It really jazzed those suckers up, you should try it.

Today I made Anise cookies.

Dat dough tho..
Finished Product

I am sending them to my Dad for Christmas. I will let you know how they travel. Well, he will let me know then I will forward the info on. My Dad likes everything I bake ( funny story about that) , so even if they turn into stones, it’ll be okay.  For these I used this recipe. I did add a little something extra. Extra love.

Nah I’m kidding, I just suggest you have an extra bowl of flour handy for rolling them out. This dough is sticky and its very helpful to flour your hands for every cookie you make.

I also made 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies. Super freaking easy. I may add chocolate chips in them and jazz it up.  Then they will be 4 ingredient….

Lots of cliffhangers here, hu? Like whats the reciepe for brownie cookies? What about the pb cookies?  I know, keeps ya coming back.

20 minutes

I have 20 minutes until I need to start getting ready for work, less because I still need to pack my clothes.

Things in San Jose have been pretty tame, been working on christmas cards,

Snowmen are fun.

and presents for the the family back in NY.

When you break it down 20 minutes is not a lot of time, four-five minute sections. two-ten minute halfs.

20 minutes is 80% of my bike ride downtown for work, about 5 songs on pandora (and 2 commercials, I should get pandora one) 20 minutes can go by in a flash, or drag on like a bike with a flat tire in the rain.  And right now my 20 minutes is almost up.

Quesadillas only take about  2o minutes to make-and that’s if you are making fancy ones. I recently made breakfast quesadillas. They were pretty good, if I do say so myself.

4 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, peppers, onions, spinach, olives and avocado oh! and cheddar cheese. Cook the bacon, scramble the eggs, take one burrito shell. Bottom layer is eggs and bacon, add a thin layer of cheese, put the veggies on, add more cheese, put another burrito shell on top, smush together. Put in the oven at 350 for about 5-10 minutes depending on your preference of crunch.

YUM!  That was 20 minutes.

Got to get ya into my life

 I have realized that most people who drive do not pay attention to what is happening around them.  ANYTHING.  Now this may come as a shock to some, or not a shock at all to others. (Those of you know who you are) I would like to share now what a normal bike commute to is like. This is in no way complaining. If I did not enjoy bike commuting I would not do it. Duh.

So I wake up about 1 to 1.5 hours before I leave, do morning things like coffee and email checking. I get all dressed in my riding gear, grab my bag, pump my tires, check my lights and away we go! The first 2 minutes of my ride is peaceful and quiet

Street so calm

then I have to turn on to Senter. Senter and Capitol Expressway is a major intersection, did I mention the school on the corner as well? No. Well it’s called Andrew Hill. Its also a great spot to learn how to use your breaks. Nobody is more frantic in the morning than parents dropping kids off at school. Sorry moms and dads everywhere, I mean no harm. Love you all.  Finally you pass the History Park, The Friendship Garden img_1982and Senter becomes the death zone. Why? Well unless turning right you have to get over to the left turn lane. Do that successfully and you, well you don’t die. Most people survive, my theory is if I can do it, anybody can do it. We get to 11th street, which is fun and easy. Really it’s not too bad, except when the bike lane is misused. Example A

Misuse of bike lane.

The left onto San Fernando can be a LITTLE tricky, after a few times you get the hang of it. So now we are on San Fernando. This is where is gets fun. You are downtown. With cars, busses, other bikes, people walking, VTA light rails and skateboards as well. Sometimes the people on skateboards think that the picture of a bike is actually a funny looking skateboard, so they use the bike lane as well.

Once I arrive downtown I am in the home stretch, well more like the work stretch. I hop on the VTA file_000-5and get dropped off right across from work. A minute ride to the bike rack, lock my bike and I’m good.

That’s how I get to work.

I’m going to start making cookies for the holidays soon. Here is the first recipe I’m planning on trying. Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies. MMMMMM. Wish me luck.


Daily Prompt: Protest

Today i would love to protest the weather, it is 40 this morning and I am going to ride my bike to work.There are pros and cons to this

  1. Rosey cheeks without makeup!
  2. Morning exercise
  3. I can work on riding with no hands (it’s a thing I’m doing)


  1. Runny Nose

So as you see here the runny nose is the only real con to the cold. I know there are more, but 40 isn’t that cold when you are from a place that get -10 for days at a time. In protest to that type of crap I moved 3000 miles away. Take that Rochester!

I got some cool things planned for tomorrow. Bike stuff and food.  Anyways, we played polo in Santa Cruz this weekend. Here is a picture

Santa Cruz Polo time.

a Daily Prompt: Protest


Today is short, well today is a normal day for me, but short blog. Surprise! I started a new temp position yesterday, this one is until February at a call center. It is some mass take-over thing going on so there is the potential for it to go permanent.

Guess who was there? Boobs fall out girl. Guess what? She is pretty alright, we are kind of work buddies now. I should listen to my own advice about not judging people.

There is one flaw with this job and it is that I have to work Weekends. I was told it would only be one day per weekend. I hope that is true, but sometimes the recruiters lie to us.  We still cool tho.

Last night we made a bike taxidermy. Super cool!!!!

Take drop handlebars and a saddle and make it look like a skull. Bam!  Then you get this.

Girl not included

Check that sweatshirt, its my sisters from like 1993. Such a #Hipster.  Time for work

Remember to do some hoodrat shit this weekend. I’m limited because of work. Womp Womp.