Today is short, well today is a normal day for me, but short blog. Surprise! I started a new temp position yesterday, this one is until February at a call center. It is some mass take-over thing going on so there is the potential for it to go permanent.

Guess who was there? Boobs fall out girl. Guess what? She is pretty alright, we are kind of work buddies now. I should listen to my own advice about not judging people.

There is one flaw with this job and it is that I have to work Weekends. I was told it would only be one day per weekend. I hope that is true, but sometimes the recruiters lie to us.  We still cool tho.

Last night we made a bike taxidermy. Super cool!!!!

Take drop handlebars and a saddle and make it look like a skull. Bam!  Then you get this.

Girl not included

Check that sweatshirt, its my sisters from like 1993. Such a #Hipster.  Time for work

Remember to do some hoodrat shit this weekend. I’m limited because of work. Womp Womp.



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