Daily Prompt: Protest

Today i would love to protest the weather, it is 40 this morning and I am going to ride my bike to work.There are pros and cons to this

  1. Rosey cheeks without makeup!
  2. Morning exercise
  3. I can work on riding with no hands (it’s a thing I’m doing)


  1. Runny Nose

So as you see here the runny nose is the only real con to the cold. I know there are more, but 40 isn’t that cold when you are from a place that get -10 for days at a time. In protest to that type of crap I moved 3000 miles away. Take that Rochester!

I got some cool things planned for tomorrow. Bike stuff and food.  Anyways, we played polo in Santa Cruz this weekend. Here is a picture

Santa Cruz Polo time.

a Daily Prompt: Protest


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