20 minutes

I have 20 minutes until I need to start getting ready for work, less because I still need to pack my clothes.

Things in San Jose have been pretty tame, been working on christmas cards,

Snowmen are fun.

and presents for the the family back in NY.

When you break it down 20 minutes is not a lot of time, four-five minute sections. two-ten minute halfs.

20 minutes is 80% of my bike ride downtown for work, about 5 songs on pandora (and 2 commercials, I should get pandora one) 20 minutes can go by in a flash, or drag on like a bike with a flat tire in the rain.  And right now my 20 minutes is almost up.

Quesadillas only take about  2o minutes to make-and that’s if you are making fancy ones. I recently made breakfast quesadillas. They were pretty good, if I do say so myself.

4 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, peppers, onions, spinach, olives and avocado oh! and cheddar cheese. Cook the bacon, scramble the eggs, take one burrito shell. Bottom layer is eggs and bacon, add a thin layer of cheese, put the veggies on, add more cheese, put another burrito shell on top, smush together. Put in the oven at 350 for about 5-10 minutes depending on your preference of crunch.

YUM!  That was 20 minutes.


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