Bike Party-Holiday edition

Last night was bike party. It was cold, it was windy, it was fantastic. It was so cold that some people drove their cars, which defeats the purpose of bike party. I wont get into that, lets talk about cold weather biking and cookies instead.  When you bike in the cold you have to wear lots of layers. It is like sledding, being from New York I understand this and was well prepared. I had a tank top, a long-sleeved shirt, my riding jacket, and a sweater on to start. leggings and shorts as well, but the bottom is pretty standard. I had one pair of gloves, and a half pair over that. By the end of the night I had added a sweatshirt, another pair of gloves,a hat and a scarf to my ensemble. I looked fantastic. By the time we got home I was a bit chilly. We turned the heat on (but wait don’t you live in California? Why yes I do.) and did the bike party wind down. Which means ate a ton of food and had a nightcap.

I am bad at taking pictures for the blog when I am doing bike related things. I really do apologize for this.

Snickerdoodle cookies for bike party

I have made 4 different types of cookies in the past two days. I would have made them all yesterday but a terrible thing happened. The store was out of Anise. “How in the world does this happen?” I said in the store. Yesterday I made snickerdoodles and brownie cookies. (Snickerdoodles pictured above) Now I followed this recipe for my snicker doodles. EXCEPT. I added something to jazz it up. I put cinnamon in the dough. How much? I am not sure, probably about 1/2 a tablespoon. It really jazzed those suckers up, you should try it.

Today I made Anise cookies.

Dat dough tho..
Finished Product

I am sending them to my Dad for Christmas. I will let you know how they travel. Well, he will let me know then I will forward the info on. My Dad likes everything I bake ( funny story about that) , so even if they turn into stones, it’ll be okay.  For these I used this recipe. I did add a little something extra. Extra love.

Nah I’m kidding, I just suggest you have an extra bowl of flour handy for rolling them out. This dough is sticky and its very helpful to flour your hands for every cookie you make.

I also made 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies. Super freaking easy. I may add chocolate chips in them and jazz it up.  Then they will be 4 ingredient….

Lots of cliffhangers here, hu? Like whats the reciepe for brownie cookies? What about the pb cookies?  I know, keeps ya coming back.


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