Short day

Those are not shorts, they are sweatpants over jeans because it is that cold today. Remember how in grade school, and high school Wednesdays were short days. You used to get out about 45 minutes-1 hour earlier than the rest of the week. Well in the adult world that is what the Winter Solstice is like. It is a short day, but you don’t get to go home from work early. You just have less time to get things done, it gets dark super quick, it is the shortest day of the year.

I am having a hard time believing that, I feel like the days have been getting longer. Apparently not, maybe I am getting better at shooting out of work as fast as I can. Today on this shortest day of the year I am #blessed with the day off. So I have taken it as a challenge. I am going to see how much I can get done before sunset. Sunset is at 16:54  (4:54 for you basic clock people)  I got up at 5:30 today. It is currently 8:59. So what have I done?

I checked my email, filled out an application, found a recipe for pork chop dinner, did my banking for the week, tried to get a copy of this W-2 from NYS(that’s a hassle, don’t even bother if you work somewhere and it has shut down, just don’t put it on a background check. Thanks a lot NYS for making things easy, NOT.) I organized my receipts and made the bed. It doesn’t seem like a ton, but I still have 7 hours. Give or take, well only take.  What ELSE is on the list?

Dollar Tree, Safeway, clean the house, clean myself,

Tiny Donuts

work on tiny donuts,(to the right) work on video, work on design for polo related items. Cook dinner, and possibly some cookies. So that is a useless overview of my day. Check it out I’m going to make pork chops like this. I’ll let you know how this all works out.

Shortest day of the year challenge 2016!


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