I’ve been baking…

I have been baking, these things happen. When I was younger I had some sort of catch phrase with a group of my girlfriends. It went something like “I’ve been drinking, these things happen.”  I would just say it, it was a funny excuse,  I would even say it when I wasn’t drinking. Well now it has evolved into “I’ve been baking, these things happen.”

The joys of being  29, such a grown up.  I have made so much food in the past two days it has been..filling.  I do not have a mixer, so all of the mixing is done by hand. Good old-fashioned man power. Well woman power, let’s not get into that argument. You all know what I mean.

Creaming things

Last night I made almond cookies, hungarian kiefele cookies, and chicken wing dip. Today I got up and made a cherry pie.

Something about baking during the holidays makes everything better. I think it’s the warm kitchen. Anyways, the thing about the holidays is it is a time to share with family and the ones you love and all that right. Well when you 3,000 miles away from those people you spend time with your phone.

Facetime is the best thing ever on holidays. Except you can’t give Mom a slice of pie through a phone. However, this is how we get thru the holidays, with lots of treats, facetime, and texting. It works, it’s different, but it works. In the end knowing that your family and friends support, love and care about you is all you need. Putting up with long distance holidays is proof.

I made a cherry pie today as mentioned. It looks like this,

Cherry Almond pie

and was easy to make, cherry pie filling pre-made pie crust and some egg wash with almond extract and almonds sprinkled on top. I baked it for 40 minutes at 425. We will find out how it tastes after lunch/dinner. Happy Holidays!



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