“5:22 from Diridon puts you at Millibrae at 6:09” It was 4:42. (16:42)

Diridon is 6.3 miles from home, google claims that it takes 37 minutes to get there. I did it in about 27. Not too bad, I was kind of hauling ass.

I got the text to meet my boyfriend a little ways up the peninsula so we could pick up some electronics left at a hotel for him, then we could go out to dinner and drinks. That is a nice change of pace. I was planning on cooking chicken, I spent my day cleaning and doing laundry, I had a phone interview for a job (still doing the Temp thing, but it’s temp so..) I organized some files and found an old picture I made.

Laser pigs by Megan

But at 4:42 (16:42) my whole day changed . It went from being totally planned, a time for everything and a nice easy pace to a race against time and Google. I had 40 minutes till the train left Diridon, I had to pack my bag, and hop in the shower grab my lights and leave by 4:52.(16:52)

  • 16:43-I run into the bathroom and hit the shower.
  • 16:46-Out of the shower madly drying off-gotta leave in 6 minutes
  • 16:49-I grab the Caltrain pass from the frisbee,throw my makeup in my backpack and start to walk towards the door
  • 16:50 I put my phone in my bag.

At this point I am not really sure of time anymore. I still had to Put the lights on and walk out the door, I am not sure if this took me 2 minutes or not. I can only assume that I left at 16:52.

As I rode nothing mattered but getting to the station in time, when the lights turned yellow I sped up to make sure I got thru in time.  When I got stuck at the red light at Senter and Story I checked my phone.

5:06 (17:06), I had 16 minutes to make it the rest of the way to the station. 2.9 miles away, Google says it takes 20 minutes on bike and I had about 15. Cal-train leaves the station at 5:22(17:22), so you have to be there by 5:21 (17:21) to make sure you hit the platform and get on the train in time.  I don’t remember much of the rest of my ride to Diridon. I just remember pedaling as hard as I could.

I rode into Diridon at 5:19 (17:19). I hopped off my bike (you can’t ride through the station on a bike) and ran down the ramp and up the ramp to platform 4 where the 17:22 was, the conductor was outside

“Is this the 5:22?!” I yelled. I knew it was but, I had to make sure. He nodded and I grabbed my bike and hopped into the bike car.

I strapped up my bike, sat down and got out my phone. It said 17:22, the trains whistle sounded and the doors closed. I made the 17:22. It is not a record time, I am not some crazy fast cyclist. It did make me feel good, I felt accomplished, and excited.  I got to ride my bike, I got where I wanted to go in the time I wanted to get there, and I beat Google.

Caltrain has outlets, its pretty damn cool.

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