“I’m sick” Missy said as Collin grabbed my suitcase and put it in the back of the car. I didn’t care I was just happy to be with Missy again. She was my best friend, but she was a lot of people’s best friend. Collin always had to remind me, “You are not the only one who loves Missy”, and he was right. I loved and cared about her very much but so did a lot of other people. No matter how much any of us loved her it did not change the fact that she had cystic fibrosis. We went to In and Out Burger,file_000-18 I got the best neapolitan milkshake ever and then we went home. To our home, to my new home in San Jose! Missy ate her food like a champ, and Doc would not leave her alone.

Doc not leaving Missy alone

We all tried to stay up and drink PBR and celebrate, but Missy was sick and I was tired from traveling so we went to bed.

The next day we went to Stanford in Palo Alto. We got there around 11am, by 3pm we were in some sort of fancy waiting room. Which was really just bigger than all of the other ones we had been in all day. There was another woman in the waiting room, she had just been diagnosed with CF at the age of 38 (I don’t remember the exact age I just remember that catching me off guard, she was considerably older than us)  She wished Missy all the best after they talked for a little bit. I remember feeling overwhelmed, I wanted to know more, I needed to know more about all of this.

It was 5:30pm almost 6:00pm by the time Missy got a room, Collin and I had gone to get her a sandwich at a small store and deli close by. When we got back to Stanford they told Missy she would have to switch rooms because she needed a heart monitor.

I was annoyed. We spent all day waiting for a room and now we have one and it isn’t the right kind!? How hard is this people, come on like you didn’t know you needed the heart monitor till now? Moving people around who are sick isn’t the best idea ya know! I clearly knew more than the doctors…. Missy was really good at being okay with this type of thing and took it in stride. Or maybe I was just expressing enough frustration for the both of us. It was my first day, I was still a bit unsure how to handle this stuff.   A little bit later she said to us “You can go home, you don’t have to wait here with me.” We protested and stayed longer.  By 9 we decided it was time to drive home. Everybody was tired,  Missy said she would let us know when they finally figured out her room. So we left, and drove to our home. We stopped at this place called “The Nut House” on the way.  The bartender was this huge woman who looked like she could take ANYONE out in a second. We had a beer, and continued on our way home. Missy texted me that she got a room and I texted her when I got home.


And that was my first day in San Jose.



So the word prompt for today is devastation, which at first really got me thinking that I could do a post on that. Then I thought some more and decided that it would be better if I did a post on 10 things good things that happened today.

  1. I woke up
  2. It’s NOT raining
  3. I get to ride my bike to work in the sunshine
  4. I can go swimming when I get to work
  5. I have some real deal health/dental/vision coverage
  6. Halfway through the day I get to see my boyfriend for 2 minutes
  7. I am in a position that will further my career
  8. I don’t have to ride home in the cold
  9. I get to work in a theatre again
  10. There is free coffee all day/night at work

So those are 10 good things. We made chicken parm sandwiches last night and it was awesome. Made the rolls into garlic bread. And I learned that the little side of the cheese grater is for hard cheese and the big side is for soft cheese. Like the Mozzarella that I was grating.

That is where I stopped writing yesterday on account of work. The weird thing is today’s prompt is 10. Sometimes little things like this that are just coincidences make me feel so much better. I remembered the 10 things and Bam! Here we are.

I started an Etsy account today, I am going to sell little things on there. Right now I have donut earrings posted. It is a work in progress. My sister has a pair of them, she has yet to model them for me. I’m sure I will update you on it.

Go visit my Esty! Here is a link, I know, I’m working on it. The pictures could be better, and I need more items to list. Like I said this is a work in progress.

New year, new job, new side hustle. Let’s see if I can get up to 10 new things by the end of the week. OH! I got new brakes on my bike! 3 I am up to 3 things. This day just gets better, plus its Wednesday polo night. file_000-2

via Daily Prompt: Ten


Ever make something and you think it is the BOMB?  Like the best ever and you finally found something great to make. Then somebody comes along and makes it 20 times better than you. Yeah welcome to living with my boyfriend.
We had taco salad the other night and he made it so freaking good. The meat had the perfect amount of seasoning, was cooked so it was still a bit juicy, but not all over the place gross. He put the perfect amount of Tapatio mixed into the sour cream. Yeah he’s good.
At first I was a bit sad because of how much better it was than mine. Then I realized that it wasn’t better. It was just different, I make my taco meat with onions and peppers in it. He does not.  It’s not that mine is terrible, it is just different. And sometimes different is good.
Like changing up the bars on your bike. Or starting a new job. Oh yeah that’s happening.

Call Center Life
Today is my last day of call center life. (For now, because you never know what is going to happen.) My new job is EVENT SERVICES at the JCC. The complete opposite of call center life. I must tell you I am quite excited. They have all sorts of things I like and a real nice theater. A pool WITH a water slide. I will not be able to use that during work hours, but before/after? Yes. Really I am excited about the theater. Super super excited to get that stuff back into my life.
Now I do believe there are a few loose ends I need to tie up here.
Anise cookies My parents did receive them, while I did try to my best to keep them soft with a piece of bread I was unsuccessful. Dad still liked them “I just nuke ’em for 10 seconds before I eat them”
Pork chops from Short day– Had them with potatoes and carrots and they hit the spot on the cold winter night.
Here is the recipe for Brownie Cookies , I have done things in the past like add crushed up candy canes to make them Holiday ready, or put peanut butter into the mix as well. So simple, so delicious.
I just have to make it through more 7 hours of call center monotony. Totally achievable.
Tomorrow is Bike Party, which would be great except it is going to be wet, windy and the ride is all the way up to we will see.
Last night I made some honey lime chicken. It was pretty alright, would be better on the grill I think. Oh also I used extra honey and no parsley. Next time I’m going to add jalapeno. Why? Cuz I wanna spice it up that’s why.
Now I am really going to go to my last day of call center.

A whole new world

Saturday I rode a fixed gear bike. If you don’t know what that is I will explain. Well me plus the google.

Fixie” is short for “fixed gear,” which is a slang term for bicycles that have drivetrains with one gear that’s fixed to the rear wheel so that you cannot coast and must continue pedaling whenever the bike’s moving.
-Love Google
What does this mean? The pedals never stop moving. You are really very 100% in control of the bike. Want to stop? Use your legs to hold the pedals and stop them wheels.
I am obsessed with this new to me bike riding. It has sparked excitement for me. At work the other day I could not stop thinking about it. At first it is weird because your legs HAVE to keep moving unless you take them off the pedals. Then I put that all together and the power, ah! It is so very cool the wind in your hair and the sun in your eyes! The power that takes over as you become one with the bike. Now you might want to know what the pros and cons are to this fixed gear bike style. I’m not sure yet, but as I continue on my bike riding journey I will let you know.  Now you know a bit about fixed gear bikes if you did not before.
You should try to ride one. I did it, and if I can do it you can too!
I have exciting news. But I thought fixed gear bike riding was a bit more important. So you have to wait to hear about that.
I am going to go ride my freewheel bike to the store. I am not ready to fixed gear alone in the rain yet. Really just in the rain. Rain is good, but this is getting excessive.
This is the evolution of my commuter bike. It has a flip-flop wheel, so the next thing is new bars and flipping the wheel so I can learn to ride fixed. You might think the only thing I have changed are the tires. Not true, stems and cranks and pedals too!  I’ll try to find some better pictures.

You Hasenauer Girls

The Hasenauer girls consist of Kelly (my Mother), Katherine (my older sister) and me. We are all very short, two of us are very caffeinated, one of us talks fast and we all live in different places.

Katie lives in Boston, today is Katie’s birthday. When Katie was a kid we always got her an ice cream cake shaped like a football, her husband helps carry on the tradition. Without my older sister I would have had nobody to have meaningless fights with. I would not have had anybody to play olympics with, hurdling around the house over lawn chairs until I fell and made a big gash in my knee. I would have not had anybody to bother in the middle of the night by sticking my arm down the crack between the wall and bunk beds and in return have the mattress below me lifted off the frame. Without Katie I would have had to deal with all the feelings of being told I was going to be a big sister alone. (Some of us were mad, I won’t say who)

My sister was with me the first time I got drunk, and woke me up every hour on the hour to make sure I did not have alcohol poisoning.(She did NOT condone my drinking) She was there the first time I got broken up with, letting me eat crab rangoons and cry about it while she was home on college break.

My sister taught me how to Twitter, and Pinterest, how to write a resume, how to be a diligent, successful student. How to live in Boston and take the T, how to start a blog, and how to pursue your dreams. (Those are just some of the things I have learned. We are running low on time here.) Without my sister I would be lost

My sister has helped me when I was down, inspired me to do all I can and more. She has supported me and influenced me, she has helped me appreciate life and see what we are capable of. My sister is my best friend, she has known me the longest and without her I would not be who I am.

So, appreciate your sister, tell her you love her. Without her you would not be you.

Mine also has a REALLY cute son.

Extremely cute baby Tony

Here is a recipe for some ravioli I made the other night, eventually I will work my way to crab rangoon, but we here now.


Look at those little guys! Filled with ricotta and mozzarella and basil. I snuck some basil in the dough as well. Let me tell you these take while. I have been told that pasta in general takes awhile. Well from now on I’m making my own ravioli. It was pretty yummy, and I still have some in the freezer.

An irrational fear

I have an irrational fear of table saws. This all started when I was 16, or 17. I think 16 because i was in 11th grade, wearing a Flogging Molly shirt that was 4 sizes too big. I tucked in the front of the shirt just right so I could start ripping wood for the set of Ragtime. (Another clue pointing towards 16-year-old Megan) I began to cut, as I cut the wood came away from the fence. The blade grabbed it, shooting it backwards towards me. It connected with my ribs and kept going. I heard a crash and then the room went silent. The drills, pneumatic stapler and chop saws stopped humming, everybody stopped talking. I reached over and turned off the table saw. Turning around a saw my teacher standing next to the pillar in the middle of the shop
 “Good thing I was bending over hu??” He was holding the now broken wood. I was trying to hold back the tears in my eyes, “yeah”, I managed to squeeze out. I turned around and started cleaning up my area, I walked from the shop to the classroom. I stood behind a pillar and lifted my shirt examining my side. My ribs were already black and blue, they hurt when I touched them. (Duh Megan) What hurt more was my ego. My teacher came into the room asking if I was okay. I told him I was fine, he asked again (he knew me well) I told him my side was bruised and it hurt but I was fine. That I was upset about was almost killing him, and that I didn’t table saw correctly.
 He laughed and said it happened before and it would happen again, as long as no bones were broken we would be fine. He was right,  I wiped my face with my shirt (good thing it was so large) and we walked back into the shop to resume working on the set.
I have not touched a table saw since.  In the shop I would always find a classmate to cut for me, any other time I needed to make cuts I made sure it was anything but a table saw. Band saw, Chop (miter)saw, Jig Saw, Circular saw. Anything that was not the table saw.
  Until yesterday  when we used a table saw. Now just one of those Sears Craftsman table top ones. Still, it was a table saw. My heart was pounding, my mouth dry, I could feel my knees start to shake. I wasnt even the one on the danger side, I was catching the wood. Again the fear, the disappointment.  I could not stop thinking about the bad things that could happen. I was focused on the past, and worried it would happen again. What if’s were floating around my mind like woah.
All of a sudden I was holding the wood, guiding it towards me. I didn’t let it go. I just did what I needed to do and got it done. Nobody got hurt, the wood got cut,  I am still kind if intimidated by table saws, but I am no longer afraid of them.

Look at that color combo before the bake.

It was lemon rosemary chicken and let me tell you what, it was fancy.

Here is a picture and a reciepe. Now you can do it this ladies way or you can do it my way, with green beans and carrots (an exessive amount of carrots, thank you Costco.)I also supsituted fresh lemon juice and used dried rosemary. So really I should just write my own reciepe. But due to time constraints here is a link. I baked everything in a pyrex dish for 40 minutes and threw some lemon wedges in as well.
There ya go, a story of success and some chicken.


I sat in my apartment, looking out the window. I was waiting anxiously for my parents to arrive. The time on my phone said 3:57am. My flight was as 6:00am. I was ready to go, I was ready to leave. At 4:10 there was still no sign of them. I walked down the stairs to the porch where I had sat so many times before. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. I decided to sit there one last time. I looked around the quiet neighborhood and started to remember all the things I had been through and seen. At 4:15 I started to get nervous I began pacing back and forth. Looking at my phone as if that would make them come faster. At 4:17 Mom and Dad pulled up, I grabbed my bag from the stairwell and closed the door behind me. As I locked it for the last time I felt relieved, I was excited, I was still a bit nervous about making it to the airport. My Dad opened the hatch and I threw my suitcase in, closed it and got into the car.

My Dad drove away from the house, I didn’t even look back. I was already gone on my way to California.  via Daily Prompt: Gone