I sat in my apartment, looking out the window. I was waiting anxiously for my parents to arrive. The time on my phone said 3:57am. My flight was as 6:00am. I was ready to go, I was ready to leave. At 4:10 there was still no sign of them. I walked down the stairs to the porch where I had sat so many times before. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. I decided to sit there one last time. I looked around the quiet neighborhood and started to remember all the things I had been through and seen. At 4:15 I started to get nervous I began pacing back and forth. Looking at my phone as if that would make them come faster. At 4:17 Mom and Dad pulled up, I grabbed my bag from the stairwell and closed the door behind me. As I locked it for the last time I felt relieved, I was excited, I was still a bit nervous about making it to the airport. My Dad opened the hatch and I threw my suitcase in, closed it and got into the car.

My Dad drove away from the house, I didn’t even look back. I was already gone on my way to California.  via Daily Prompt: Gone


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