An irrational fear

I have an irrational fear of table saws. This all started when I was 16, or 17. I think 16 because i was in 11th grade, wearing a Flogging Molly shirt that was 4 sizes too big. I tucked in the front of the shirt just right so I could start ripping wood for the set of Ragtime. (Another clue pointing towards 16-year-old Megan) I began to cut, as I cut the wood came away from the fence. The blade grabbed it, shooting it backwards towards me. It connected with my ribs and kept going. I heard a crash and then the room went silent. The drills, pneumatic stapler and chop saws stopped humming, everybody stopped talking. I reached over and turned off the table saw. Turning around a saw my teacher standing next to the pillar in the middle of the shop
 “Good thing I was bending over hu??” He was holding the now broken wood. I was trying to hold back the tears in my eyes, “yeah”, I managed to squeeze out. I turned around and started cleaning up my area, I walked from the shop to the classroom. I stood behind a pillar and lifted my shirt examining my side. My ribs were already black and blue, they hurt when I touched them. (Duh Megan) What hurt more was my ego. My teacher came into the room asking if I was okay. I told him I was fine, he asked again (he knew me well) I told him my side was bruised and it hurt but I was fine. That I was upset about was almost killing him, and that I didn’t table saw correctly.
 He laughed and said it happened before and it would happen again, as long as no bones were broken we would be fine. He was right,  I wiped my face with my shirt (good thing it was so large) and we walked back into the shop to resume working on the set.
I have not touched a table saw since.  In the shop I would always find a classmate to cut for me, any other time I needed to make cuts I made sure it was anything but a table saw. Band saw, Chop (miter)saw, Jig Saw, Circular saw. Anything that was not the table saw.
  Until yesterday  when we used a table saw. Now just one of those Sears Craftsman table top ones. Still, it was a table saw. My heart was pounding, my mouth dry, I could feel my knees start to shake. I wasnt even the one on the danger side, I was catching the wood. Again the fear, the disappointment.  I could not stop thinking about the bad things that could happen. I was focused on the past, and worried it would happen again. What if’s were floating around my mind like woah.
All of a sudden I was holding the wood, guiding it towards me. I didn’t let it go. I just did what I needed to do and got it done. Nobody got hurt, the wood got cut,  I am still kind if intimidated by table saws, but I am no longer afraid of them.

Look at that color combo before the bake.

It was lemon rosemary chicken and let me tell you what, it was fancy.

Here is a picture and a reciepe. Now you can do it this ladies way or you can do it my way, with green beans and carrots (an exessive amount of carrots, thank you Costco.)I also supsituted fresh lemon juice and used dried rosemary. So really I should just write my own reciepe. But due to time constraints here is a link. I baked everything in a pyrex dish for 40 minutes and threw some lemon wedges in as well.
There ya go, a story of success and some chicken.

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