You Hasenauer Girls

The Hasenauer girls consist of Kelly (my Mother), Katherine (my older sister) and me. We are all very short, two of us are very caffeinated, one of us talks fast and we all live in different places.

Katie lives in Boston, today is Katie’s birthday. When Katie was a kid we always got her an ice cream cake shaped like a football, her husband helps carry on the tradition. Without my older sister I would have had nobody to have meaningless fights with. I would not have had anybody to play olympics with, hurdling around the house over lawn chairs until I fell and made a big gash in my knee. I would have not had anybody to bother in the middle of the night by sticking my arm down the crack between the wall and bunk beds and in return have the mattress below me lifted off the frame. Without Katie I would have had to deal with all the feelings of being told I was going to be a big sister alone. (Some of us were mad, I won’t say who)

My sister was with me the first time I got drunk, and woke me up every hour on the hour to make sure I did not have alcohol poisoning.(She did NOT condone my drinking) She was there the first time I got broken up with, letting me eat crab rangoons and cry about it while she was home on college break.

My sister taught me how to Twitter, and Pinterest, how to write a resume, how to be a diligent, successful student. How to live in Boston and take the T, how to start a blog, and how to pursue your dreams. (Those are just some of the things I have learned. We are running low on time here.) Without my sister I would be lost

My sister has helped me when I was down, inspired me to do all I can and more. She has supported me and influenced me, she has helped me appreciate life and see what we are capable of. My sister is my best friend, she has known me the longest and without her I would not be who I am.

So, appreciate your sister, tell her you love her. Without her you would not be you.

Mine also has a REALLY cute son.

Extremely cute baby Tony

Here is a recipe for some ravioli I made the other night, eventually I will work my way to crab rangoon, but we here now.


Look at those little guys! Filled with ricotta and mozzarella and basil. I snuck some basil in the dough as well. Let me tell you these take while. I have been told that pasta in general takes awhile. Well from now on I’m making my own ravioli. It was pretty yummy, and I still have some in the freezer.


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