A whole new world

Saturday I rode a fixed gear bike. If you don’t know what that is I will explain. Well me plus the google.

Fixie” is short for “fixed gear,” which is a slang term for bicycles that have drivetrains with one gear that’s fixed to the rear wheel so that you cannot coast and must continue pedaling whenever the bike’s moving.
-Love Google
What does this mean? The pedals never stop moving. You are really very 100% in control of the bike. Want to stop? Use your legs to hold the pedals and stop them wheels.
I am obsessed with this new to me bike riding. It has sparked excitement for me. At work the other day I could not stop thinking about it. At first it is weird because your legs HAVE to keep moving unless you take them off the pedals. Then I put that all together and the power, ah! It is so very cool the wind in your hair and the sun in your eyes! The power that takes over as you become one with the bike. Now you might want to know what the pros and cons are to this fixed gear bike style. I’m not sure yet, but as I continue on my bike riding journey I will let you know.  Now you know a bit about fixed gear bikes if you did not before.
You should try to ride one. I did it, and if I can do it you can too!
I have exciting news. But I thought fixed gear bike riding was a bit more important. So you have to wait to hear about that.
I am going to go ride my freewheel bike to the store. I am not ready to fixed gear alone in the rain yet. Really just in the rain. Rain is good, but this is getting excessive.
This is the evolution of my commuter bike. It has a flip-flop wheel, so the next thing is new bars and flipping the wheel so I can learn to ride fixed. You might think the only thing I have changed are the tires. Not true, stems and cranks and pedals too!  I’ll try to find some better pictures.

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