Ever make something and you think it is the BOMB?  Like the best ever and you finally found something great to make. Then somebody comes along and makes it 20 times better than you. Yeah welcome to living with my boyfriend.
We had taco salad the other night and he made it so freaking good. The meat had the perfect amount of seasoning, was cooked so it was still a bit juicy, but not all over the place gross. He put the perfect amount of Tapatio mixed into the sour cream. Yeah he’s good.
At first I was a bit sad because of how much better it was than mine. Then I realized that it wasn’t better. It was just different, I make my taco meat with onions and peppers in it. He does not.  It’s not that mine is terrible, it is just different. And sometimes different is good.
Like changing up the bars on your bike. Or starting a new job. Oh yeah that’s happening.

Call Center Life
Today is my last day of call center life. (For now, because you never know what is going to happen.) My new job is EVENT SERVICES at the JCC. The complete opposite of call center life. I must tell you I am quite excited. They have all sorts of things I like and a real nice theater. A pool WITH a water slide. I will not be able to use that during work hours, but before/after? Yes. Really I am excited about the theater. Super super excited to get that stuff back into my life.
Now I do believe there are a few loose ends I need to tie up here.
Anise cookies My parents did receive them, while I did try to my best to keep them soft with a piece of bread I was unsuccessful. Dad still liked them “I just nuke ’em for 10 seconds before I eat them”
Pork chops from Short day– Had them with potatoes and carrots and they hit the spot on the cold winter night.
Here is the recipe for Brownie Cookies , I have done things in the past like add crushed up candy canes to make them Holiday ready, or put peanut butter into the mix as well. So simple, so delicious.
I just have to make it through more 7 hours of call center monotony. Totally achievable.
Tomorrow is Bike Party, which would be great except it is going to be wet, windy and the ride is all the way up to Fremont..so we will see.
Last night I made some honey lime chicken. It was pretty alright, would be better on the grill I think. Oh also I used extra honey and no parsley. Next time I’m going to add jalapeno. Why? Cuz I wanna spice it up that’s why.
Now I am really going to go to my last day of call center.

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