So the word prompt for today is devastation, which at first really got me thinking that I could do a post on that. Then I thought some more and decided that it would be better if I did a post on 10 things good things that happened today.

  1. I woke up
  2. It’s NOT raining
  3. I get to ride my bike to work in the sunshine
  4. I can go swimming when I get to work
  5. I have some real deal health/dental/vision coverage
  6. Halfway through the day I get to see my boyfriend for 2 minutes
  7. I am in a position that will further my career
  8. I don’t have to ride home in the cold
  9. I get to work in a theatre again
  10. There is free coffee all day/night at work

So those are 10 good things. We made chicken parm sandwiches last night and it was awesome. Made the rolls into garlic bread. And I learned that the little side of the cheese grater is for hard cheese and the big side is for soft cheese. Like the Mozzarella that I was grating.

That is where I stopped writing yesterday on account of work. The weird thing is today’s prompt is 10. Sometimes little things like this that are just coincidences make me feel so much better. I remembered the 10 things and Bam! Here we are.

I started an Etsy account today, I am going to sell little things on there. Right now I have donut earrings posted. It is a work in progress. My sister has a pair of them, she has yet to model them for me. I’m sure I will update you on it.

Go visit my Esty! Here is a link, I know, I’m working on it. The pictures could be better, and I need more items to list. Like I said this is a work in progress.

New year, new job, new side hustle. Let’s see if I can get up to 10 new things by the end of the week. OH! I got new brakes on my bike! 3 I am up to 3 things. This day just gets better, plus its Wednesday polo night. file_000-2

via Daily Prompt: Ten


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