Adventure Day

Yesterday was adventure day, and I took 0 pictures. Today is Pi Day! I have already taken a few pictures.

So on adventure day we took out the bikes. I happen to have a new bike. It is a forest green Trek, and it has gears. (That is the Trek up there, I have named it the Mini-Van)  I am now learning how to ride a geared bike. Don’t get me wrong when I was a kid I had a pretty sick Huffy 10 speed

Huffy  looked like this. Pretty freakin SWEEEEET in 1999.

that I never switched gears on. That is not an exaggeration. I’m pretty sure I tried once got confused found what best worked for me and never looked back, or down.   Now I understand the way it works. It is kind of like driving a stick shift. At least that’s what I am comparing it to for now.

I ran over my first squirrel yesterday on the Trek Mini-Van. Don’t worry, pretty sure that sucker is just fine. Good thing I play polo or I would have ate it hard. Fortunately I have taken more than one ninja ball to the front AND rear wheel. I know how to stay up. Thanks polo, I love you more every day.

Where did we go!? We took the Coyote Creek Trail all the way down to Metcalf Rd.

That’s where we rode. Thanks google maps.

It sure was an adventure, parts of the trail were closed due to the flooding. We climbed up hills on the bikes, and down hills. We took paved trails and bumpy trails. We rode through some puddles, and decided to not ride through other puddles. We ended up at this great place called Hideaway Lounge. It was dimly lit, Mrs. Doubtfire was playing on one of the T.V’s above the bar and they had Lagunitas IPA. We locked up the bikes and had a few beers. The bartender told us about how the house Mrs. Doubtfire was up for sale and it’s in SF. I tried to convince my boyfriend we should pretend to be buyers and go check it out. Still working on that one. We left the lounge and went home to chill.  All together we did some 19.7 miles or something close to 20. Pretty good day for breaking in the new bike. I think we are going to do great things together me and this mini-van.

 Pi day, pi earrings. Yeah I made those! Want some?! I will make you some. You know how to reach me.

I made these.

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