We started going to a personal trainer. Today is personal training day, I like personal training day. I try to go in with an open mind, I also want to push myself to do more reps, be faster, get stronger. Yah Bro.  After PT we drink protein in the sunshine, sometimes we get some lunch at the cafe. It is like a little workout date. So why did we get a personal trainer? Well despite riding bikes all over San Jose, we really are not ready for the CF ride.

You see San Jose is flat,

San Jose is flat.

and this ride is not. Up the hills, down the hills and back up the hills again.

Enter Cameron, our PT. He is all about making us use the power rope things, do sprinters and spiderman push ups. Kettle bell swings and all the power lifts. (I may have made up some of those names) Today it is raining so we won’t be able to work out outside like normal. I am secretly hoping he just tells us to use the run-punch machine. (Elliptical)

File_000 (12)
Me featuring the run punch machine back in Boston time.

and come back Thursday for an outside workout.

Lots of cool things are happening. My polo bike got featured on BIKES OF POLO instagram.  I applied to go back to school, just waiting to sign up for classes. Lots of polo, lots of bike rides. Getting ready for the summer of fun.

Check out BIKES OF POLO on instagram! They rock, also support my CF ride. Here is the link again, I am trying to get to $500.  Now its time to lift some weights.







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