Baby Party?

Last Sunday was Tony’s Baptism. It was a beautiful ceremony, and afterwards there was a reception.

The day was sunny, the morning air was brisk. White puffy clouds moved through the sky. We woke up around 6am, showered and got dressed in our Sunday best. By 7:35 we were on the road and ready for the baby dunk tank.

I mean literally, he got dunked in a tank.

Dunk tank

Then he got dressed in a fun  white outfit, then he got communion.


The Greek Orthodox do everything in one shot, which is cool..


Not the point of todays blog.

Tuesday my sister told me I was in charge of the “gift bags” I was very confused, I don’t remember getting a gift bag at any other baptism. I had not idea what to do.

So I brainstormed, well it technically would be from Tony so we had to put things in there that he liked. It is spring so maybe something spring related. I also decided to go with a baby blue. The baby shower was themed that color and his cake was also going to have baby blue frosting. So it was all coming together! I purchased some seed packets at the Home Depot, then went to target and got some cookies and cream Hershey’s Kisses (they are baby blue) and for the final touch I ordered some Cookies from Leo’s Bakery.

My mother was in charge of picking up the cookies and transporting them to Salem, so the gift bags would have to wait to be assembled. It was alright, she arrived, the cookies arrived.

Easy print outs thx google!

I made some cute print-outs to stick on the back of the seed packets.


$37.16 later and I had 25 gift bags for the baby party.

Finished product

Also I had extra cookies (yes!) and extra candy. (double yes!)


Parents and children alike were impressed. It gave people a great gift some seeds for planting (possible a family activity), a cookie (the kids enjoyed that) and some candy. (Who can say no to a Hershey’s Kiss?) Pretty sure Tony was pleased as well.

Tony straight chillin after the party


I went to downtown Boston for a day.  I was busy exploring, and not blogging. When I was not exploring I was hanging with Tony.


If I wasn’t with Tony I was with my sister or her husband doing fun adult things. (Mostly beer drinking and pizza eating.) So we left off in Salem on Tuesday. Wednesday I went to Boston. There was much exploring that day. I started out by helping Katie in the office with some TEDX stuff. You see my work just had a TEDX event and now her work is having some TEDX things. From there I went over to Primark and got a tank top for .96!

Large stairs

Yeeahhhh, heck of a deal. I left shopping, cuz let’s be real I don’t even really enjoy shopping as much as I used to unless it is for food. I walked over to the Quincy Market and got a cold brew coffee and went on my search for a unique Coozie. (I spell koozie with a C, but most of the time it is spelled with a K. I think  C is better, personal preference.) Quincy Market did not have much of anything I wanted so I skipped down to Government Center and hopped on the T to meet up with Katie for lunch. We went to the BU pub,

Katie at the BU Pub

boy that was great. I had a FRESH CUT beer (one of the BEST) and a chicken salad sammie. BU pub is great, first off the only people who can go in are BU students and Alum, and faculty. So I was signed in as a guest. I felt so super fancy. The walls are all wood and the carpet is a deep burgundy.  Apparently it is closing soon because the building is being renovated.

BU Pub food.

So it was a super treat to be able to go there.




Now after the lunch Katie had to do more work. So I ran down to Newbury street to pretend I was fancy.

Fancy Brooks saddle on Newbury. 

As it so turns out the higher society did not fall for my tricks and I got a lot of sideways glances. What can I say $100 for a shirt is just too much for me. Maybe a hoodie. Maybe.


It took almost an hour to get back to Salem from Boston. That is the kind of traffic I am used to in the bay area. It allowed me time to think about future desserts and how much I like to ride my bike.  We got home and I enjoyed an IPA, and some pizza. That was Boston.


I also want to add that no matter what I do with the comments on my pictures they show up all screwy. I will try to fix it after work.

New England

I am taking a trip to Boston. It will not be for a few months, but i will be traveling. I love to travel, even if it is to a place I know well. Or in this instance kind of well.

I love Boston, I love the cobblestone streets and the traffic. The T is an amazing public transportation line. I know there are some flaws, I did “live” there for  few months. I still love the T.

So check it. I wrote that back in February when I found out I was going to Boston. Guess what? I am in Boston.!!!Well really Salem, but I am going to go to Boston with my sister tomorrow. I was 20 hours into my trip and I encountered some cool people. I will tell you  about 2 of them

1-Got to SJC (airport in San Jose) and got right into the security check line. RIGHT IN. Not one person in front of me, I was only an hour early, Phenomenal.  The lady at the security check wished me a happy late birthday! That is SO cool! I was very pleased, she made my airport experience so much better. I should have gotten her name and gave her a great review. I hope she gets a bonus for being so cool.

Indoor dog “relief” station at the airport

2- Today everybody went to their works and daycare. I was able to sleep some and woke up with a hankering to explore! So I hopped in Katie’s car and to DT Salem I went. I parked, grabbed some change, checked my park job and then readjusted as to not park like an asshole. An older gentleman walked up and asked how long I would be parking. I told him about 2 hours, I was worried he needed the spot, or that I wasnt allowed to park there at a certain time.

“I am going to pay for your parking” He told me.

“What!? No, you don’t have to! Thank you!” I sputtered

“I know I don’t, but cared how you were parked, not many people do that.” He replied

“Thank you so much!!” I said, I wanted to hug him. What a nice man.


So I wandered around Salem for a couple of hours, got

This Bianchi…made in China

some coffee, got some “tetris-tots” and played burger time. I found a few bikes at the thrift store. Then I went back to the apartment and chilled out for a bit.


This weeks blog is going to be about my travels. I will slip some recipes in as much as I can. For the most part it will be about the places I go and the people I meet.  I hope you can enjoy the next few days of adventure stories. For now I will tell you about the dinner I made on my birthday.

Pork Chops: I used a very simple recipe, and it turned out great.

  • 4  boneless pork chops
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced (I used the garlic that comes in a jar. It was a birthday short cut)
  • 1 tsp salt (to start, add more as needed/wanted)
  • 2 tsp ground pepper
  • ½ tsp paprika
  • ½ tsp dried oregano
  • ½ tsp dried thyme
  • ½ tsp rosemary
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • EVOO

So you just coat them chops in all that stuff, put them in the oven for at 350 for about 30 minutes.

I added some potatoes onto the dish, just added some salt and pepper and a DASH of paprika.

After some birthday polo it was super delish. We also ate some donuts for dessert, along with some candy from my pinata. Yes I got a Pinata for my birthday, and yes it was fabulous.

Alley Cat

I have done plenty of fun things on my birthday. When I was 16 I took my first ever airplane ride to Florida on my birthday. I turned 21 and went to Georgia for my birthday.  The sun shines different in the south, and boy did I get sunburned. When I was 23 I went to Boston (well really I went for my sister’s wedding) At 25 I held a beer pong party and played 25 games of beer pong. (That was the last of those kind of parties)  Two years ago I turned 28 and I moved to San Jose for my birthday. In all reality I moved on the 7th of April, but what started as a birthday trip and transformed into a birthday move.

Today I turn 30

Last beer of my 20’s

and am making myself an alley cat race.  What is an Alley Cat race? Well Wikipedia will tell you some stuff about it. I found this article to explain and that was pretty good.

What do I know about an Alley Cat race? Nothing, I have never been to one, or participated in one. I have watched some stuff about them on YouTube, and read some articles and heard people I know talk about them.

Birthday Alley cat consists of me riding all 3 of my bikes, running errands, cleaning my house and of course, polo. All before 10:17pm when the lights go out at the courts.   It’s more like an Alley cat marathon. Really it’s not an Alley Cat at all, it’s my day planned out, but on my birthday I can do whatever I want. That’s what my Dad says anyways.

Lets see how it goes.

 I made theses cookies and cream cookies. Super good
Or if you are lazy you can put peanut butter on an oreo. Your call.