Alley Cat

I have done plenty of fun things on my birthday. When I was 16 I took my first ever airplane ride to Florida on my birthday. I turned 21 and went to Georgia for my birthday.  The sun shines different in the south, and boy did I get sunburned. When I was 23 I went to Boston (well really I went for my sister’s wedding) At 25 I held a beer pong party and played 25 games of beer pong. (That was the last of those kind of parties)  Two years ago I turned 28 and I moved to San Jose for my birthday. In all reality I moved on the 7th of April, but what started as a birthday trip and transformed into a birthday move.

Today I turn 30

Last beer of my 20’s

and am making myself an alley cat race.  What is an Alley Cat race? Well Wikipedia will tell you some stuff about it. I found this article to explain and that was pretty good.

What do I know about an Alley Cat race? Nothing, I have never been to one, or participated in one. I have watched some stuff about them on YouTube, and read some articles and heard people I know talk about them.

Birthday Alley cat consists of me riding all 3 of my bikes, running errands, cleaning my house and of course, polo. All before 10:17pm when the lights go out at the courts.   It’s more like an Alley cat marathon. Really it’s not an Alley Cat at all, it’s my day planned out, but on my birthday I can do whatever I want. That’s what my Dad says anyways.

Lets see how it goes.

 I made theses cookies and cream cookies. Super good
Or if you are lazy you can put peanut butter on an oreo. Your call.

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