New England

I am taking a trip to Boston. It will not be for a few months, but i will be traveling. I love to travel, even if it is to a place I know well. Or in this instance kind of well.

I love Boston, I love the cobblestone streets and the traffic. The T is an amazing public transportation line. I know there are some flaws, I did “live” there for  few months. I still love the T.

So check it. I wrote that back in February when I found out I was going to Boston. Guess what? I am in Boston.!!!Well really Salem, but I am going to go to Boston with my sister tomorrow. I was 20 hours into my trip and I encountered some cool people. I will tell you  about 2 of them

1-Got to SJC (airport in San Jose) and got right into the security check line. RIGHT IN. Not one person in front of me, I was only an hour early, Phenomenal.  The lady at the security check wished me a happy late birthday! That is SO cool! I was very pleased, she made my airport experience so much better. I should have gotten her name and gave her a great review. I hope she gets a bonus for being so cool.

Indoor dog “relief” station at the airport

2- Today everybody went to their works and daycare. I was able to sleep some and woke up with a hankering to explore! So I hopped in Katie’s car and to DT Salem I went. I parked, grabbed some change, checked my park job and then readjusted as to not park like an asshole. An older gentleman walked up and asked how long I would be parking. I told him about 2 hours, I was worried he needed the spot, or that I wasnt allowed to park there at a certain time.

“I am going to pay for your parking” He told me.

“What!? No, you don’t have to! Thank you!” I sputtered

“I know I don’t, but cared how you were parked, not many people do that.” He replied

“Thank you so much!!” I said, I wanted to hug him. What a nice man.


So I wandered around Salem for a couple of hours, got

This Bianchi…made in China

some coffee, got some “tetris-tots” and played burger time. I found a few bikes at the thrift store. Then I went back to the apartment and chilled out for a bit.


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