I went to downtown Boston for a day.  I was busy exploring, and not blogging. When I was not exploring I was hanging with Tony.


If I wasn’t with Tony I was with my sister or her husband doing fun adult things. (Mostly beer drinking and pizza eating.) So we left off in Salem on Tuesday. Wednesday I went to Boston. There was much exploring that day. I started out by helping Katie in the office with some TEDX stuff. You see my work just had a TEDX event and now her work is having some TEDX things. From there I went over to Primark and got a tank top for .96!

Large stairs

Yeeahhhh, heck of a deal. I left shopping, cuz let’s be real I don’t even really enjoy shopping as much as I used to unless it is for food. I walked over to the Quincy Market and got a cold brew coffee and went on my search for a unique Coozie. (I spell koozie with a C, but most of the time it is spelled with a K. I think  C is better, personal preference.) Quincy Market did not have much of anything I wanted so I skipped down to Government Center and hopped on the T to meet up with Katie for lunch. We went to the BU pub,

Katie at the BU Pub

boy that was great. I had a FRESH CUT beer (one of the BEST) and a chicken salad sammie. BU pub is great, first off the only people who can go in are BU students and Alum, and faculty. So I was signed in as a guest. I felt so super fancy. The walls are all wood and the carpet is a deep burgundy.  Apparently it is closing soon because the building is being renovated.

BU Pub food.

So it was a super treat to be able to go there.




Now after the lunch Katie had to do more work. So I ran down to Newbury street to pretend I was fancy.

Fancy Brooks saddle on Newbury. 

As it so turns out the higher society did not fall for my tricks and I got a lot of sideways glances. What can I say $100 for a shirt is just too much for me. Maybe a hoodie. Maybe.


It took almost an hour to get back to Salem from Boston. That is the kind of traffic I am used to in the bay area. It allowed me time to think about future desserts and how much I like to ride my bike.  We got home and I enjoyed an IPA, and some pizza. That was Boston.


I also want to add that no matter what I do with the comments on my pictures they show up all screwy. I will try to fix it after work.


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