Baby Party?

Last Sunday was Tony’s Baptism. It was a beautiful ceremony, and afterwards there was a reception.

The day was sunny, the morning air was brisk. White puffy clouds moved through the sky. We woke up around 6am, showered and got dressed in our Sunday best. By 7:35 we were on the road and ready for the baby dunk tank.

I mean literally, he got dunked in a tank.

Dunk tank

Then he got dressed in a fun  white outfit, then he got communion.


The Greek Orthodox do everything in one shot, which is cool..


Not the point of todays blog.

Tuesday my sister told me I was in charge of the “gift bags” I was very confused, I don’t remember getting a gift bag at any other baptism. I had not idea what to do.

So I brainstormed, well it technically would be from Tony so we had to put things in there that he liked. It is spring so maybe something spring related. I also decided to go with a baby blue. The baby shower was themed that color and his cake was also going to have baby blue frosting. So it was all coming together! I purchased some seed packets at the Home Depot, then went to target and got some cookies and cream Hershey’s Kisses (they are baby blue) and for the final touch I ordered some Cookies from Leo’s Bakery.

My mother was in charge of picking up the cookies and transporting them to Salem, so the gift bags would have to wait to be assembled. It was alright, she arrived, the cookies arrived.

Easy print outs thx google!

I made some cute print-outs to stick on the back of the seed packets.


$37.16 later and I had 25 gift bags for the baby party.

Finished product

Also I had extra cookies (yes!) and extra candy. (double yes!)


Parents and children alike were impressed. It gave people a great gift some seeds for planting (possible a family activity), a cookie (the kids enjoyed that) and some candy. (Who can say no to a Hershey’s Kiss?) Pretty sure Tony was pleased as well.

Tony straight chillin after the party

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